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Tips for Your Telecommuting Job Search

Searching for a job as a telecommuter can be a pain free process if you understand what you're looking for.

by Barb Niehaus

I consider myself a seasoned telecommuter having worked from home for sixteen years now. Additionally, as a publisher of a daily telecommuting ezine, I spend hours a day searching for "legit" work-at-home jobs to post for my readers 7/365. Contrary to myth, most offsite jobs are never advertised. When an occasional ad is posted, the response can range in the hundreds to over a thousand for each open position.

With over 40 million folks working at least part time from home now, it seems as if the search should be fairly easy, right? Just ask the millions whose wah job hunt have averaged over a year how easy it is. Are there any shortcuts? NO. Any *gimme* wah jobs out there? NO. But can you find a telecommuting position? My answer is yes, without a doubt, if you are tenacious, enterprising and patient.

A few tips:

Begin with your present job. Unless it's a position that requires meeting with the public or clients every day, it may be feasible to approach your supervisor with a well-developed telecommuting plan. Be able to overcome any objections or concerns that may arise. Design an outline detailing how work will be transferred, who's responsible for purchasing office equipment or necessary supplies, how often you will touch base via the phone or in person with the office, etc Have facts ready to present that show the yearly savings when an employee works offsite.

Showcase and advertise your abilities. Web design is a business that can be started with very little overhead. Contact other small, local businesses that may be looking to expand their business via the Internet. Many women have developed very successful home businesses in web design.

When applying for a job that you feel may be a telecommuting candidate at some point, never mention working from home at your initial interview or even the first few months on the job. Get your foot in the door,prove yourself to your superiors and then approach the company about working offsite.

Subscribe to as many wah ezines as you find on the Internet- the ones with NO fees to subscribe. If there are fees involved, beware! I work p/t from home as a result of an ad that I was posting for my readers. I faxed an updated, professional resume and was hired within 48 hours. Please only respond to positions that your qualifications meet.

Last but certainly not least: network, network and network some more. Get the word out to as many contacts as possible that you are available and seeking telework. Often times, wah jobs are filled via word of mouth.

Hang in there- the wait is worth the outcome.

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