"The REAL Secret to Success"

by Azam Corry

Many people are constantly searching for the secret to online success. Most never find it. Some go broke trying. Yet each year the resources spent in pursuit of the 'holy grail' of Internet marketing continue to grow.

This 'secret' is touted in thousands of places, in thousands of guises. The hype surrounding the subject is almost impenetrable. So dense that even the experienced can succumb. If you are just starting out online, chances are that you too will be sucked in. To save you from wasting much time and energy, if not money too, let me share the truth with you.

The REAL secret to your success is ...


The most important criteria as to whether you 'make it' or not, is simply YOUR ATTITUDE. All other factors are secondary.

It's all about making it happen. And not giving up until it does.

You must be determined to succeed; believing that you can, and will do so. By it's very nature, such determination makes light of hard work, and enables you to tap into resources you perhaps hadn't realized you posses. You only fail when you stop trying.

There is no other secret. There is no magic formula.

There will never be a universal method of making money online that will work for everyone. Conversely however, believing in some of the myths propagated is guaranteed to bring nothing but fatigue. Anyone seeking instant rewards, or seriously expecting to make 'easy money' for doing almost nothing, will get nowhere. Without a change of attitude, they are doomed to failure.


a) Because such things don't exist in the real world. Whilst you might meet people that appear to be getting money for nothing, the reality is that at some time, somewhere, they have labored - and probably very hard - for the fruits they now enjoy.


b) Because these people don't want to succeed. Not *really*. Not with all their heart. If they did, nothing else would matter. They would be happy to work hard and make sacrifices. They would feel their goal *worth* devoting all of their energy to, instead of always seeking a 'comfortable' way.

People often say things like "I'd do anything to be able to live like him (or her)," in reference to somebody successful. In truth, most who make such claims aren't prepared to do much at all. They'd love to eat the cake, but don't like the idea of going into the kitchen and baking it.

Successful people are driven by the desire for positive results. They focus on their goals, not the process of attaining them. Failures are willing to accept poor or mediocre results, so long as what they do to achieve them is easy or enjoyable.

Successful men and women invest in their future, rather than wasting precious time looking for shortcuts or a free ride. And by 'invest' I don't necessarily mean money. Having more cash to spend won't in itself bring you success. The recent dot com failures are testament to that. Most spent millions before folding.

Starting out with little money simply means you have to work harder, and for longer, before you see noticeable results. Think of it like savings at the bank: the smaller the initial deposit, the slower it's growth will be. But it still grows.

Nor is your success dependent on knowledge. It's undeniable that the more relevant knowledge you have, the faster your progress should be. However, knowledge must be accompanied with the right attitude to be of real use. And if you have that, you can attain the same success starting from ground zero, learning as you go.

Being armed with the right knowledge is like travelling on the highway. You have the opportunity to put your foot down and proceed directly to your destination in the shortest time.

Not possessing that knowledge forces you to take the small and winding back roads. Progress is slower, and you might make a wrong turn or two along the way. However, as long as you focus on your goal and keep moving, you will still reach your objective. And wiser too.

The only formula for success online or anywhere else is determination, hard work and persistence. No matter how many obstacles, setbacks, or downright failures you may face along the way.

Realize that only a minority succeed, and that therefore the majority must be doing something wrong. Don't follow them. To succeed is to be different. Do the things failures don't like to do, and success will come to you.

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