The Mood of Your Home


By Dionna Sanchez

As women, we are very emotional beings. It is only natural that we would be affected by our surroundings. They either build us up and make us feel good about ourselves, or tear us down.

So it is crucial that we create a home environment where we feel warm, secure and comfortable. Surround yourself with items, pictures and memorabilia that is special to you. Use colors that appeal to you. These colors tend to invoke the following emotions:

Red - Makes you feel energetic, alive and sexy
Yellow - Represents warmth, joy and happiness
Orange - An optimistic and hopeful color
Green - Refreshing, renewal
Blue - Calm, peaceful
Purple - Creative
Black - Elegant, sophisticated and empowering
White - Clean and innocent

Use what works for you. Watch the mood of your home as you apply focal colors throughout and create the beautiful home you desire.

 ~Dionna Sanchez inspires moms with her Emphasis On Moms ministry at

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