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Thursday, August 5, 1999

Contact: Cheryl Demas, Publisher
[email protected]

Folsom, CA --- - The Online Magazine for Work At Home Moms is sponsoring the third annual "Stay Home With Your Kids Day" on Monday, August 16, 1999. The purpose of the day is to encourage and support those parents who have chosen to be home with their children

Cheryl Demas, Publisher of the web site, says, "Since I've started, I've heard from so many other moms who are at home with their children, and they are happy and active. They don't feel bored, or unfulfilled, or in need of adult interaction, or any of those things we so often read about stay-at-home moms. They're enjoying their lives just fine, thank-you, and wouldn't have it any other way. 'Stay Home With Your Kids Day' is a national celebration for all the moms who are happy with their at-home decision. They all deserve some recognition!

"Plus, for those moms working away from home, who are thinking about leaving the traditional workplace, 'Stay Home with Your Kids Day' is the perfect opportunity to take a vacation day and give serious thought to making the change. Leaving your job may not be an easy decision, but if your heart aches every time you drive away from the daycare center in the morning, it might be time to look at other options." And there are many options for parents today, aside from working full-time outside the home. Many parents are finding that working from home is the perfect solution to their work/home dilemma.

Demas states, "If we can have a day to take our children to work, we should be able to devote one day to staying home with our children. While we realize that not all parents can or wish to be home full-time with their kids, is dedicated to giving advice and support to those who have found a way to make it work. Give it a try, 'Mom' can be the best job description you've ever had."

Demas has been running her site since her oldest daughter was diagnosed with diabetes just 3 days before her youngest daughter was born. That was 5 years ago, and has since gone on to earn several awards., along with such well-known women's magazine as Good Housekeeping and Elle, was recently awarded a 3-star (best) rating from the Go Network, one of only 16 women's magazines to earn a 3-star rating.

Stay Home With Your Kids Day


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