Simple Indulgences for March


by Susie Cortright

Here is a series of simple, quick, and affordable indulgences to help you slow down and enjoy this season of beauty and transition.

* Welcome spring. Whether or not the temperatures are beginning to warm in your part of the world, take a walk, paying particular attention to the little signs that a new season is on its way.

* Stop by your local cosmetics counter for a sample of a fresh floral perfume.

* Browse the library or online bookstores for a "beach book," an absorbing story you can enjoy without a whole lot of thought.

* Light a scented candle in the room where you spend most of your time. Whenever you need a mini-break, allow the aroma to carry you to a more relaxing and peaceful place.

* Ask your best friends, "What is your all-time favorite movie?" Take their suggestions to the video rental store and plan a movie and popcorn night with the family.

* Are there people in your life who rob you of energy or make you feel bad about yourself? Many of us cling to relationships that we have outgrown or that are just no longer good for us. Give yourself permission to focus on those relationships that truly support and nourish you.

* For 15 minutes, go back to bed. It's the ultimate indulgence during a hectic week. Burrow under the covers and enjoy the comfort of your sheets and blankets.

* Keep a running list of quotes from your kids that crack you up. (Keep it in the kitchen so it's always available to add to--and to look back on.)

* Send flowers to someone. A colleague, a neighbor, your mother-in-law... or yourself.

* Create your own coffee bar. Purchase beans from your favorite coffee house. Splurge on a few syrups and whipped cream, if you like. Invite over a few friends.

* Pick up a glamorous pair of sunglasses. Put them on when you need a little lift. Just for a moment, pretend to be someone you're not.

* Buy something small that makes you feel cherished: fresh blackberries, homemade oatmeal soap, a silk eye pillow.

* Make a soothing foot scrub. Combine equal parts Epsom salts, baking soda, table salt, and water. Don't forget a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Rub into your feet, sloughing away the rough spots and preparing for this season's sexy, strappy sandals.

* Create a running gratitude list for the area of your life that is the bumpiest. Whether it's your kids, your spouse, or your career, make a point to add to the list daily and so keep mindful of your blessings.

* Enjoy the spring air by hopping on your bicycle and taking a ride all by yourself.

* This time of year, many of us feel stuck in a routine. When faced with a choice today, make a deliberate attempt to choose something different. Whether you eat something new for lunch or exercise on the bike instead of the Stairmaster, a habit of trying new things will help remind you that life presents a lot of options.

* Remind yourself that spring is on its way with aromatherapy. Choose a scented candle, essential oil or aromatherapy inhaler in an energizing spring scent: lemon,basil, bergamot, sweet orange, peppermint, eucalyptus, tangerine, or any floral blend.

* Think of your own small indulgences, and continue to enjoy one each day.

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