By Cheryl Demas
It's back-to-school time, the time of year when our true parenting styles emerge.

I'll never forget my oldest daughter's first day of kindergarten, standing there with the other parents as our kids lined up for their first day of school. Some parents were cryng, some were thrilled, I was nervous. We parents were instructed to write our child's name on his or her name tag and below that write how our child would get home from school that day. I wrote out NIcki's name tag, and the children lined up. I noticed her classmates' name tags:



Then my daughter's:

Nicole (Nicki) Demas
My mom (Cheryl Demas)
will drive me home
in our family car.
She will pick me up
in the south parking lot
after school.

I almost needed two name tags to fit it all in. Once I realized what I had done, I was worried. My poor daughter. Would the other children make fun of her? Was it too late to change her tag? I started out in search of another blank name tag, and my husband had to drag me away. "Just let her go, Cheryl."

I just get too caught up in the details. Sometimes I just have to step back to see the big picture and not get bogged down in trivia. My husband and now my children help me see the big picture and they let me know when I need to just "let it go."

Now all of a sudden my daughter is old enough to drive, and I'm still nervous. I know it won't be much longer and she'll be off to college. I find I'm telling myself almost every day now, "Just let her go, Cheryl."

But it just went by so fast.

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