Write a Romance
By Sue Randall
Work-at-home moms aren't just selling cosmetics and food storage containers these days.

Lori drives her minivan into the school parking lot just as she does every afternoon. She waves hello to her friends as she waits for her children. What the other PTA moms don't know is that Lori has spent an afternoon of passion with a European Prince. She also had a brush with death at the hands of her jealous lover. No, she's not a wild jet-setter, she lives in a modest suburban home, she makes breakfast for her children every morning, drives them to school, and then comes home to begin her journey into a fantasy life. Lori is a romance novelist.

She started out writing fiction for her own enjoyment and through the encouragement of a friend, submitted her first manuscript to a large romance publisher. Her first book wasn't accepted, but her editor wrote an encouraging note, and after two more tries, her book was accepted.

Lori writes under a pen name, and few of he neighbors know about her "other life."

"Writing is a great job for a work-at-home mom." Lori says. "I'm not getting rich with my books, but I'm making enough to stay at home with my kids and I love what I'm doing!"

Here are some resources Lori recommends for those who are interested in writing romances:

Harlequin writing resources and links



Sue Randall is a freelance writer, and work-at-home mom. She specializes in personal profiles and small business writing. Comments? Send them to Sue here.


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