Review from Mia Cronan of Main Street Mom

This book is worth having just for the cartoons that'll have you laughing in no time! Believe'll relate!

Cheryl Demas' book, The Work-at-Home Mom's Guide to Home Business is such a refreshing change from the hype that we all see on the internet, claiming that you can make thousands of dollars a week by working for just a couple of hours a day.

Cheryl is a successful work-at-home mom who went through the same decision processes that many working moms go through when they start thinking in terms of leaving the rat race to be at home with their children.

Naturally, her children come first, and she found a way to put them first and still make her career dreams come true. But luckily for us, she's shared what she learned with us in her book, to make the process easier for other moms who aren't sure how or where to start. She even offers a sample breakdown of how much money we save just by not working out of the home!

What Cheryl gives us is a practical approach to starting a home business, ranging in topics from business ideas, to sample schedules, to inspiring success stories. She walks us through assessing our schedules to find out what we can do, then determining what type of business to start based on that schedule. And she provides tips on formulating a schedule that works for everyone in your home!

I highly recommend this book. Whether you page through periodically to get some inspiration, or you read it cover to cover, you will certainly learn some valuable work-at-home skills and feel like you made a new friend.

Review from The ParentPreneur Club Editor/Webmaster Donna Schwartz Mills.

Cheryl Demas, whose comic observations grace our News page, is an old-timer on the web. Her website was one of the first devoted to the work-at-home parent, and her funny and insightful essays have delighted hundreds of thousands of us over the last six years.

Last month, Cheryl's first book was published and I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable ones I've read in a long time -- for business or pleasure. I caught myself smiling and even chuckling while I was reading this. I can relate to Cheryl's description of the turmoil her family felt in the bad old days of being in the workforce and being torn in different directions; of the non-understanding remarks of her childless friends, of the joy and love she feels when watching her children sleep.

Now, this is not a memoir - nor does it belong on the humor shelves, although Cheryl's feeling that modern life is funny shines through here. There is enough solid information, resources, advice from her work-at-home moms to satisfy any beginner who purchases this book. The cartoons, essays and wry observations are what will keep the experts nodding in happy recognition.

There are two ways to read this book. One is to do as I did, and attack it cover to cover, savoring Cheryl's descriptions of the absurdities of earning a living at home while raising a family. Readers looking for specific, practical advice will find it faster byskipping to the pages marked "Money Making Tip," "Getting Down to Business," and " Readers." (The editors have made it easier to do this by italicizing these pages in the Table of Contents.) Then, after gaining a couple of months' worth of perspective as a work at home parent, go back and read the book cover to cover. I promise you'll enjoy it!


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