Poems by moms, for moms
Chistmas Rush

Driving up town
Christmas trees and tinsel all around
Oh surely its not
that time of year again.

Rushing here, rushing there
Lists of this, and lists of that
Budget's blown again this year
No wonder I'm pulling out my hair,
Another party, another barbeque
There's just too much for me to do!

Up town, buying presents
People rushing by
There's a friend, oh and another one,
Hi! Hi!
Something for sister
and then my Dad
Can't wait 'til this is over
Christmas chaos is driving me mad.

Then as I'm hurryuing by
Something catches the corner of my eye
Peaceful and quite and still
I'm gently reminded of God's will.

There in the window
Mary, Joseph and baby Son
Forgive me Lord
I've just realised what I've done.

For this is the season
when long ago
a bright, bright star
shone, on a child below.
God gave me then His glorious Son
to bring His forgiveness
for all I've done.

So this is Christmas,
the greatest gift given
When a humble woman
wrapped up her Son
and God's heart whispered from heaven
It is good what I have done!

Fiona Dieleman
Papakura, New Zealand

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