As you intend so do you create

Daily intentions are so important for manifesting and creating your own reality. Intentions must be thought and felt with real emotion. Empty intentions create a confusion within your spirit, leading to lack. Early in the morning, as you begin to awaken, is a wonderful time to set your intentions for the day. Your intention may be very simple like "my intent for the day is to be clear in communications" or "my intentions today are to open my heart for giving and receiving" or "I will live each moment in the present." Doing this on a daily basis sets up a path for you to follow whether consciously or un-consciously. Many times your intent will float around to your consciousness to remind you to be clear or heartfelt or present. Catch it and be conscious of your creations.

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Suzie Daggett is a business coach and a speaker. Visit her web site
Suzie is also the producer of Pearls, these contemplative insights that mirror your inner thoughts and spirit.

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