WAHM Donations
If you would like to add your site link to this page, send your URL to me at [email protected]

Here's a link to which includes agencies that are accepting donations

Linda Thompson is contributing all of her profits from all of her businesses, this is her 1-800-PartyShop site.

Melody Moris will be donating all the profits from her Virtual Garage Sale site for the month of September.

Cynthia is offering to donate her commission made in the month of September to the American Red Cross. She is an Ameriplan broker and sell health plans for dental, vision, prescriptions, and chiropratic care. Her website is

Alissa is offering to donate the proceeds from ALL purchases made at my website, or at with id. number 10348154 during the month of September will be donated to the United Way of New York Trust fund for victims of attack and their families.
My goal is to donate $2000. If you have already made a purchase this month, the proceeds will still be donated. I Thank you for helping me to achieve my goal.

Patti Stephen Wall is donating ALL of her commissions for the month of September from her Usborne Books at Home business to the relief fund for this case.

Moms Life is donating ALL advertising proceeds from 9/11 to 9/30 will be donated to the Red Cross.
All newsletter advertising on is 10% off.
Plus this offer:
I've got a lot of empty space in my banner rotation this month and we're getting a LOT of traffic due to the freebie we're running (we're on day 3 and I've got over 5200 requests for it!) so this is a great time for a lot of people to see your ad.
I'm offering one month of UNLIMITED banner rotation for only $35. Current banners are getting viewed over 1000 times a day - why not your banner? Your banner will be seen over 30,000 times over the next MONTH! This runs for 30 days once I get your banner up - $35 for 30,000 impressions, and we've got the perfect target audience - MOMS!
We'll be running the freebie next month too, so I'm going to let you purchase 2 months of unlimited banner impressions for only $60! And if you buy 2 months, I'll throw in a free newsletter ad. We've got over 3100 newsletter subs and we're growing every day thanks to this freebie. (Over 270 new subs in the past 3 days!)

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