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By Isabel M. Isidro

Small newsletters are emerging to serve the many needs of many different groups, from silk painting or parenting twins, to stock options. If you have special talents (like writing), live in special locations (tourist areas), and have special knowledge (money saving tips), you can publish your very own newsletter and earn from it.

Your newsletter need not be extravagantly designed or extremely colorful, but it must be well-designed and readable. Your first step is to find a valuable topic that will sell. By far, saving money and making money are two of the best topics for newsletters. There must be something in your idea that will compel audiences to buy your publication ­ will it help them improve their lives and can they learn anything from it?

It is also important if yours is a researchable topic to ensure longevity of your home business. Your idea must have a large potential audience, and there must be a way to reach your target market.

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