Moms are Glue!


by Colleen Langenfeld

Do you feel sticky?

If you are a mom, you do. Kids hanging on you all day. 'Mom' this and 'Mom' that.

But, even more than that, you are the glue that holds your family together. Moms set the tone, the mood in their families. When Mom's doing well, all is well. When Mom is struggling...the entire family feels the pain.

If you are feeling the weight of parental responsibility, but are not sure what fulfilling that obligation looks like, you are not alone.

Here are some simple guidelines to help your family "stick together" in greater harmony. As Mom, your leadership (stickiness) can go a long way in promoting each of these crucial areas.

- Stability
Kids need to know there are constants in their lives. In fact, the more change a child experiences in one part of his life the more stability he generally needs in another. That's why parents REALLY matter. From a child's perspective, parents are the number one constant in his young life.

- Structure
In some ways, structure is stability on a schedule. For children, the simple fact of knowing that we do everyday chores like eat dinner and ready for bedtime at the same time or in the same way each day adds to a sense of security. As a mom, you can determine the schedule that's right for your family. You don't need to be rigid with this schedule, just dependable. It is important because it shows children that their needs will be met in a constant, consistent manner day in and day out. It also shows kids that they can genuinely count on the adults who care for them.

- Mood
As mentioned before, when Mom's up, everybody's feeling better. When Mom's down, the whole house is dragging. Don't believe me? Observe your own household for a week or two. Your influence as a mom is immense. By paying attention to the words you use and being mindful of your own moods, you can effectively teach your children to live out of their wills and not their emotions.

- Vision/Purpose
Do you have a road map for your family? It's much easier to deal with the daily grind when you have a deeper purpose in mind. Think about what hopes, dreams and goals you have for yourself, your marriage and your children. Spend time together developing family goals. This can effectively lead into...

- Teamwork
The family that knows where they are going as a cohesive, unique unit gives each of their individual members a greater stake in the outcome. Everyone learns what they bring to the team and at this point Mom becomes the family cheerleader; encouraging, supporting, and keeping the family on task, heading in the right direction.

- Integrity
Kids want to believe their moms. Period. When you say what you mean and mean what you say, you wield an even greater power within your family structure. You gain respect. When you speak, family members will listen to you...deep inside, where it truly counts.

Being a mom means you are a person of great power. Never again will another human being be so attracted to your influence. Use this power wisely. Be the best mom you can be to your precious family.

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