The Prime Reason for MLM Failure
by Tyler Schultz

Let's face it, network marketing has gotten a bad wrap.

"Is that one of those pyramid schemes?" "This isn't another one of those multi-level scams, is it?" "Oh, that sounds like one of those illegal chain letters."

If you're a network marketer, you know exactly what I'm talking about. You think you have this great opportunity to offer people while helping them out at the same time. You think that everyone you tell will be just as excited as you are when they hear about it. Then you run into these major road blocks when you share the good news with friends and family because they've "heard it all before."

"Those things don't work." "No one actually makes any money with those pyramid schemes."

The truth is, multi-level marketing is not a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes don't have a real product to offer people, that's why they are illegal. The payout model in an MLM program is similar to a pyramid, but the opportunity is legal because real products are used. However, that does not mean that the company is legitimate.

MLM's bad wrap not only comes from pyramid schemes, but also from companies that are set up legally. There have been companies in the past where the big shots lie to the distributors to get them hyped up about the products. Then, distributors go out and hype up their friends and family. Technically they are legal, but ethically they are immoral.

These unethical, dishonest companies usually don't even last five years. Word spreads. People see through the lies. The unfortunate part is that the dishonest company has forever branded victims' minds with "Every MLM on the face of the earth is a scam!" This person is eternally skeptical...

*Warning* Be extremely careful when choosing an MLM program.

The prime reason for failure: Choosing the wrong company. You must choose wisely! I cannot stress this enough.

It doesn't matter how gung-ho you are about making money or signing people up. If the company goes under you sink with it. All that residual income you built is gone. POOF! That's why the most important choice is selecting the right company.

Do NOT do it because your friends are doing it or because they think its cool. Do NOT join if you feel pressured. Do NOT even think about joining if they haven't been around at least five years.

These are some key factors to take into account when considering a network marketing company. When a rep is trying to recruit you, ask yourself these questions.

Do I feel pressured by this person? Is he/she just feeding me a bunch of hype?

Are they talking about both the opportunity *and* the products? How much time do they spend talking about each? (Look for 50/50. 80 opportunity/20 products = Hang up.)

Has this company been around at least 5 years?

Are they reputable? What are people saying about them on the net? (People other than their reps.)

What are the products? Do the products sound great even without the opportunity? Are they proven effective? Are the products unique? Are they patented? (Best to have all of the above)

Will other people like the products, or will I have to hype them up on the opportunity to sell them? (Big question)

These are all excellent questions that you should ask before signing up with a network marketing company. I don't mean ask the person trying to sign you up, these are questions to ask yourself for the most part.

They are the main things to consider when choosing an MLM. It's not always good to listen to your friends or family. Do some research and make an educated decision.

Bottom Line: Choose your MLM program wisely.

You'll find a lot more help on choosing an MLM program, why most companies fail, and how to set yourself up for huge network marketing success at the MLM Review web site. Check it out now...

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