Missing Profits By 12 Inches

by Robert Holladay

I remember when I first began trying to build an on-line business. I was very BLESSED to meet a fellow, that has now become my mentor and best friend. I was so GREEN, to the Internet world, I didn't know an auto responder from a hole in the ground, so to speak...hehe, he really had his work cut out for him.

I kept in touch with my friend everyday, through email and ICQ, asking questions, until he finally taught me enough, that I began asking the RIGHT questions. But I remember the FRUSTRATION I felt when he would send me the exact same ad he was using,and had gotten a tremendous response with it , but when I used it, I would get ZILCH NA DA, NIL !! I couldn't figure out WHY I couldn't get a response, with the same exact ad he had just received an AVALANCHE of responses with !! I was missing profits by just 12 inches.

Folks, I can honestly say....after being in the on-line marketing field for years now, and have trained others to follow my lead, I understand the PHENOMENON I experience and no doubt practically everyone experiences when they are first starting out. Wanna know what it is ? I'm glad you asked :o)

If you want to become WEALTHY on the outside, you must FIRST become wealthy on the inside. I've discovered that you can have all the right tools, you can have the greatest web site, flash presentations, and the best comp plans in place, but if you don't begin to see yourself prosperous in your HEART then you will NEVER be able to effectively pass it on to your downlines and to those you sponsor. And you will continue to MISS PROFITS BY 12 INCHES.

You've got to believe that you WILL succeed. That nothing can stop YOU except YOU. I don't know what it is exactly but there is just an attitude that true leaders have, that ATTRACTS people to them. I guess it's that true leaders have a since of direction. They know where they are going and it's because they see themselves SUCCESSFUL on the inside. Down in their heart they know they WILL NOT FAIL !!

Those that most likely won't succeed are those that COMPLAIN GRIPE and see themselves as the UNDERDOG. They have the attitude that everyone is out to get them and that they are always going to be on bottom while watching others rise to the top !! It's because of the attitude of their heart that they MISS PROFITS BY 12 INCHES.

See you can have mental knowledge of what to do. You can have all the right tools, websites, etc....but until it gets from your HEAD to your Heart....which is about 12 inches you will always be a FOOT away from profit.

Robert Holladay is an International Internet Marketing Trainer, and publishes the International newsletter MegaRiches $uccess Today. www.megariches.com.
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