Miserly Moms
Living on One Income in a Two Income Economy
By Jonni McCoy

If you are starting a home business or thinking about quitting your 9-5 job, you will probably face the challenge of living with a reduced income, at least for awhile. When Jonni McCoy decided to stay home with her children, she began to research how to make her familys money go farther. She has come up with Eleven Miserly Guidelines to help all of us get our budgets in control.

Want to take a guilt trip? Just add up what you spend on fast food, lattes, and other incidentals each month. As Jonni points out, just eating one $12 fast food meal once a week adds up to almost $50 a month, $600 a year!

Some of the suggestions in Miserly Moms seem like common sense once you hear them. Do you try to avoid fast food but give in when your schedule is tight? Miserly Moms recommends that when you know you have a busy night coming up, simply plan ahead and make a double meal a night or two before. That way on your busy night, youve got a dinner ready to go.

In Miserly Moms youll find recipes, tips for buying in bulk, creative ideas for birthdays and holidays, crafts for kids (my kids favorite, especially the recipe for sidewalk chalk), and more. Miserly Moms offers an amazing amount of information, and also includes a large resource section.

Granted, not every suggestion is for everyoneI dont think Ill be making my own baby wipes soon, but whether your goal is to save a little or a lot, youre sure to find plenty of helpful advice in Miserely Moms. And as Jonni says, "What have you got to lose?"

Miserly Moms is published by Full Quart Press, and can be purchased from the WAHM bookstore.

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