Keeps Getting Easier...

by Dan Reinhold

Keeps Getting' Easier...

"You know you want it"

That was the subject line that greeted me the other day. It concerned a certain so-called men's (man's? menses? Oops!) magazine recently yanked from Wal-Mart's racks. Basically Playboy with bikinis, full of pickup tips obviously for adolescent boys.

Now there's marketing, Internet or otherwise for ya! They knew I wanted it even before I knew I wanted it. As a matter of fact, I still don't know I want it - but they know I want it, so I guess I will soon.

Perfection!! No more decisions to agonize over, no more hesitance, no more "Can I afford It?" worries.

They know you want it, so all you have to do is fork it over!

Man, what a relief...Now it's clear why there's all this spam everywhere. They're just trying toooo hard. All those exclamation points and capital letters and even fancy HTML graphics - when all it really took is telling 'em they want it. Sheer genius!!

Time for a big garage sale...gotta unload all this apparently useless and ineffective marketing stuff...I finally know the secret.

Oh's another..."Wahumor, increase your size naturally"...Wow...

Must be some organic ezine subscription service...

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