Journal Your 100 Life Goals

By Doreene Clement
[email protected]

Recording and tracking your 100 Life Goals in a journal is a powerful tool that can add to your personal and professional well being. Journaling goals is a great way to focus, clarify, and understand what your true intentions are, and how you are going to reach your goals.

In your journal you will record and track your Life Goals, 1 through 100. (Or your 10 Life Goals, or 150, or 1,000, whatever number of goals you have now, remembering you can add to and delete from your list of Life Goals through the years.)

To start - Find a blank book that is hardcover and has more pages than your number of goals. You also may use more than 1 blank book. Next, write "Goal Number 1" on page 1 of the blank book, then write your goal. (Your goals do not need to be listed in order of importance to you, they can be listed as you think of them.)

Example - Goal Number 1. I want to read over 100 books.

As you read each book you can record the titles and how you liked the book. Would you recommend it? Journal what feels important to you about what you have read.

You can leave one or more blank pages, then write your next goal.
Example - Goal Number 2. I never want to get stung by a bee or a wasp.

Example - 10.02.02 I was at the Blue Door restaurant on Wednesday, sitting near an open door, and there was a bee. As I was moving away from my table to get away from the bee, it landed in my food. No bee stings for me.

Again, leave as many blank pages as you might need. Continue by listing Goal Numbers 3, 4, 5, etc. After each goal you can journal what your feelings, ideas, dreams, desires, etc., are for your goals. Journal the people, experiences and circumstances as things happen in your life to accomplish your goals.

You can also journal your Life Goals on the computer. Create a document that uses the above system. As your goals change and evolve you can edit the list, or rearrange according to the order of importance. What was number 1 on your list can change to number 55.

As you think about your Life Goals, take the time you need to create the list. It may take you days, or years. It is your list, create it in your time.

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