How to Have Your Own Online Party!

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Online parties can be a successful and fun way to build your home business. These parties are similar to home parties except that you do not have to pay a small fortune for refreshments and snacks! ;-)

You can have your party in a free or low cost chat room or you can have your party via email. Be sure and create a relaxed and fun atmosphere for your guests. We would recommend a chat room.

You can either recruit someone to host the party for you or you can be the host. There is also something called "Mystery Host Party". This is where you draw or randomly select a guest to be the "Mystery Host" and receive the host benefits.

You will need to schedule your party. We have found that during the week is best unless it is winter. Then weekends can be a good time also. Give yourself plenty of time to plan and send out invitations.

Plan your specials. You definitely want to have some items on special. Maybe some that tie in with your theme, if you have one. Give a 25% discount on certain items, but make sure you leave enough profit as well. You could also offer a small free gift with all orders over $25, for example.

When it is time to send out the invites, email groups and message boards can be a great place to start. Send out the invitations (follow guidelines on this). Also invite friends, neighbors, co-workers. Let everyone know they can bring a guest or two or however many you like.

Have each guest introduce themselves and tell (type) a little about themselves. This will help bring the guests together.

You also want to make sure you have some fun and interesting games to play. And of course, for each game you will need prizes. Below are some popular party games:

*Scavenger Hunt - make a list of several items and instruct your guests to find them on your site.

*Word Scramble - Pick about 10 words from your site and see who can get them all right in the least amount of time. Let your guests know the words come from your site/business.

*Trivia Questions - Write up a list of questions about your site/business.

There are many more fun, exciting games to play at your party! Make up your own if you like as well.

You, of course, will also want to spend some time presenting your products. If you offer home decor items, share some tips and ideas on home decorating with your products. If you offer aromatherapy items, explain the benefits of your products. Make your presentation fun, informative and relaxed. Let the quests ask questions and always be clear and candid with your answers.

The idea here is to relax, have fun, show your items and make new contacts/customers. If your guests have a good time and enjoy themselves, they will sure to come back to your next party! ;-)

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