Hidden Legacy


by Deborah Stitt

Hidden Legacy
By Margaret Hodapp
191 pages
2003 PublishAmerica
ISBN: 1-4137-1154-5

Looking for love, deceit, adventure, mystery and even a bit of a ghost story? Then Hidden Legacy might be the book for you. This historical novel starts off in late 18th century Ireland and then quickly moves to Virginia. Tessa O'Donnell, a poor 40 something Irish widow, discovers her husband had planned to leave her and go to America when she finds a ticket in his belongings after his untimely death. Deciding to use the ticket herself, Tessa befriends a well-to-do English woman named Melissa Duncan during the ocean voyage to Virginia. Melissa takes Tessa under her wing. As a result, this friendship changes Tessa's life forever. In America Tessa finally gets a life she could only dream about but she will lose it all if she does not overcome some very difficult challenges.

Hidden Legacy will give you a glimpse into the life of women in the late 1700s in America and the hardships they had to endure to survive. This book is a departure from many historical novels that feature sweet young things as the heroine. It shows that women over 40 can live an exciting life, be in love, handle adversity, enjoy the love of a child and be beautiful too. Amen to that.

Deborah Stitt lives in Florida with her husband. She works from home and is the mom of two adult sons. Deborah is the founder and publisher of Prime of Her Life.com and is also an editor at WAHM.com.

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