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Helping A Child Through Loss


By Dionna Sanchez

It's hard enough on an adult when a close friend or family member passes away. Can you imagine the grief and confusion a child goes through? It's up to us to help them understand and adjust while we try to make the same adjustments in our own hearts. It's important to try and get some rest during tough times so that you don't become irritable and can be calm when talking to your children. This will also help you be perceptive to the behavioral changes and symptoms in your child.

Being honest and listening are vital at this point. Sharing your feelings can help both you and your children come to terms with their thoughts. Help them remember the loved one by encouraging them to record their memories in a journal while they are fresh. They can also create a memory book or a photo collage with special pictures. You can even help them create a special videotape if footage is available of them and the deceased.
The most important thing to remember is that everyone handles trauma differently. You may want to talk, talk, talk while your child may withdraw. Give them the freedom to handle it in their own way.

Constantly reassure them that you will be there to share with them when they are ready. Patience, lots of hugs and extra insight will help everyone involved work through the tough times that come with sad news.

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