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Harness The Marketing Power of Postcards

By Robert Imbriale

Do you dream of dramatically increasing the number of people who come to your web site? Do you tend to limit yourself only to Internet-based promotions?

I want to share a little secret with you about how you can use a regular old postcard to build traffic to your web site by the thousands in almost no time at all!

Now before you go out of the room screaming, just listen for just a moment. This past month, I have been using postcards with my clients and they have added literally thousands of names to their client lists! That's right, and they did it by using little 3x5 inch postcards that are sent via regular old snail-mail!

I realize that this is not new technology, and that it may not even be all that sexy, but what I do know is that it REALLY WORKS! And the results are nothing shy of amazing, if you know how to make the most of this powerful medium.

Are you curious to learn how? Read on because I am going to tell you and then I'll share a few secrets to postcard marketing that will explode your response rate!

Postcards work because more people read them. . .and they are read more often because there is no envelope to open. Everybody will look at a brightly colored postcard when it arrives in the mail. So the first thing to know is that you always use brightly colored postcards. I prefer sunshine yellow for my postcards.

Start with a powerful offer. I like to offer a FREE E-BOOK. So I put the words "FREE E-BOOK" in big bold letters across the top of the postcard. Yes, it's fine to be bold! Remember, your goal is to capture attention, so use the biggest, boldest type face you can get!

Under that bold headline, I'll generally provide a little more info about the value of the Free E-book. It may look like this:

"You can GET RICH on the Internet! Learn how in a powerful FREE E-Book by Expert Internet Marketer, Robert Imbriale. Claim your FREE copy of this eye-opening E-Book now! Go to"

That's it. I will not put any more copy on the postcard. I may include a graphic of the cover of the e-book, but nothing else. It's possible to say too much, so you're better off saying less, and getting more response because the prospect is now curious and will come to your web site to find out more!

All I want to do is get the prospect to RESPOND by going to my web site. So I give them enough information to get them curious and then let them come to my site to get the whole story.

You could also run a contest and use the words, "You Could Win" along the top of your postcard. I tested this headline a few weeks ago for one of my clients, ( and the results were amazing! In just a few short days, they had received thousands of visits to their site because of this one little postcard!

Your postcard must simply attract attention and then send the reader to your web site. NEVER try to SELL off the postcard! There is simply not enough room to convince a prospect to make a purchasing decision. And I know that your natural temptation is to try and tell them about EVERYTHING that you have to offer. DON'T DO IT! Stay focused, keep it short and you'll see thousands of people on your web site in just days!

Get your list together, (or rent a list from a list broker) print your labels, place a mere 20-cent postage stamp on each postcard and drop them off at your nearest Post Office. There is not that much to this form of promotion, and it will be well worth your efforts, if you follow the simple guidelines I've just outlined for you.

My very first online marketing promotion was a postcard mailing that I used to promote my very first online marketing venture in 1989. At the time I invested less than $200 to print and mail my postcards and made over $5,000.00 in sales!

The good news is that postcards are just as profitable today as they were then! So, go get some postcards made up, bring them to your local printer and get a few thousand copies made. In days, you'll see a nice jump in traffic to your web site - and your profits!

This is one great marketing tip and I've got at least 20 more on my CD called, "21 Ways to Promote Your Web Site." Get yourself a copy right now at and you'll be on your way to Internet profits without investing a fortune in advertising!

About the Author

Robert Imbriale is an internationally known Internet Marketing Expert who has helped sell well over $100 Million in products and services over the Internet. He is the author of several books, including his latest, "Internet Mareting Secrets" which you can get for free by going to Robert can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]

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