By Isabel M. Isidro

If you are making crafts now, think about kicking your hobby into a higher gear and turn it into a profit-generating endeavor. With the craft craze nowadays, experts in the handcraft field estimate that the crafts industry generates almost $10 billion in annual sales. Depending on your craft, you can sell your crafts retail, wholesale, or one-of-a-kind in fairs, bazaars, boutiques as well as mail-order catalogs, gift shops and department stores.

The challenge for many craft enthusiasts is turning their hobbies into full-blown businesses, and developing a more professional attitude toward their home business. Finding the right price for their products has always been a difficult task, but the cardinal rule is to always make at least twice as much as you have paid for your supplies.

Keep up-to-date with the latest trends by reading crafting magazines and try to find your own "niche" market for your crafts.

National Craft Association (http://www.craftassoc.com)
Crafts Report Magazine (call 1-800-777-7098 for subscription)
Street Fair America (http://www.streetfairamerica.com)

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