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This rustic gourd will keep your paper clips, rubber bands ... any little items ... handy. Once dyed, the gourds look like wooden bowls and boxes.


Here's what you need:

  • 1 small dried gourd
    - I buy mine at Zittel Farms.
  • Steel Wool or kitchen scrubber
  • Orange Leather Dye
    - I use Angelus Leather Dye

    Total cost ... less than $1.00 ... cheap!

    First, use the steel wool and water to clean any mold and/or dirt from your gourd. The small gourd I used was free because it was broken, but I liked the "cracked look, so that worked out perfectly.
    Your gourd will start out looking somthing like this:

    If you need to, cut an opening in the top of the gourd and scrape out the inside.

    After the gourd has tried, use the applicator from your leather dye to apply a thin coat of dye to your gourd. Add additional coats until you acheive your desired color. The orange dye mixed with the natural color of the gourd will give it a wood-tone look.

    That's all there is to it.

    Fill with odds and ends that are cluttering your desk and enjoy!


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