Local Businesswoman Beats High Gas Prices

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Wednesday, April 21, 1999

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Many Americans are upset by the rising prices of gasoline, there's even an email crusade, "The Great American Gas Out," which advises Americans not to buy any gas on April 30th. The organizers are hoping that prices will drop if no one buys gas for one day.

Experts disagree however. AAA says prices won't necessarily fall: "If people buy gas the day before and day after, it will just even out the totals."

Now, if there were a day when no one drove, that would be another story.

Thats where local businesswoman YOUR NAME HERE comes in. She says the high gasloline prices wont affect her day to day activities. Thats because YOUR LAST NAME works from her home in YOUR TOWN. She DESCRIBE YOUR BUSINESS. She has been working from home for NUMBER years and loves the lifestyle. In addition to being home with her children, she enjoys the challenge and satisfaction of running her home business.

YOUR LAST NAME is dedicated to promoting home businesses so more people will be able to realize the benefits of working from home. "Perhaps the high cost of gasoline will prompt businesses to consider allowing more of their employees work from home, at least part-time," she says. "Or, more people will decide to start home businesses. It seems ridiculous to me that workers in corporate America all get in their cars at the same time every day and clog the roads and the air, when so many of them could just sit down at their computers and log in. Technology has advanced to the point where it's not only possible to work from home, its convenient and efficient too. I can work anytime, day or night, and I'm able to communicate with people all over the world, through e-mail and my web site."



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