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Dollar Stretcher Tips

Dollar Stretcher Tips

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Fixing the Frizzies

I have been a hairdresser for most of my life. The answer to your "frizz" will depend on what is causing your hair to be frizzy. First, some of the things that will make any hair frizzy are blow drying too much, use of "mousse" products, chemical damage and/or chlorine, and the need to change shampoo/conditioner.

If hair is naturally curly, it is usually frizzy. The answer to this is to get a product like a "pomade" (try Wal- Mart). Pomades have a low level of hold and have some oil in them. If your hair is permed, bleached or colored, it might look frizzy from chemical damage. You probably need a deep conditioning treatment (but do not use an oil-based one) with some heat. You might have hair that is very coarse (which is different from thick). I would recommend using a hot curling iron.

Just Right Dessert

When dining out the other night, we were asked if we wanted dessert and given a dessert menu that was full of huge and expensive treats. We noticed that the kids at the table next to us were getting sundaes with one scoop of ice cream. We asked about having one and were told that it was no problem. We just ordered off the kid's menu. They were 75 cents and just the right size to top off a nice meal.

Moving Clean-Up

In an effort to save money, we have always moved ourselves. Anyone who has done this knows what a chore it is and how tired you are at the end of the last trip. Although it may not be considered frugal, I have found that paying someone to come clean the apartment or house after we have moved out has been money well spent. We have generally paid $40 for this service and it has saved me hours of mopping floors, cleaning counter tops, vacuuming, etc.

This practice is a real time and sanity saver if you have young children and/or if you know you'll have to do some cleaning at the new location.
TC, Indiana

Water Break

We have three active children at home. In the summer, our refrigerator was constantly being opened and closed for drinks. Now I keep a three-gallon cooler with dispenser spout on our kitchen counter filled with cold water. Every morning and night, I put a large ice block that was frozen in a cool whip container into the cooler to keep the water very cold. This not only keeps our refrigerator from the constant opening and closing and added usage, but our children drink a lot of water.
Val V.

Designer Label Solution

When my daughter went into middle school, she quickly learned that the popular kids wore expensive name brand clothes and felt she had to do the same. We had many an argument until I told her she could buy anything she wanted - when she made up the difference between name brands and less popular brands and the sale prices that I always purchased items at. That quickly got her attention and she started shopping with me to learn how to purchase items less expensively.

I am happy to say that she learned how to find items on sale - and has gone beyond that! She learns where all the outlets are (we have lived in two states in the last few years), comparison shops and even goes to Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift stores. She is always proud to come home with clothing that everyone else is wearing - but at a fraction of the price. She has exceeded my expectations in being a thrifty buyer!
Scarborough, Maine

Save the Sheets

We just recently purchased a new plush mattress, which is several inches wider than our old mattress. To make my fitted sheet work for the new mattress, I sewed elastic across the corners to hold the sheet in place. It works great and I didn't have to buy all new sheets for my oversized plush mattress.
Dolores R.

Research Pays Off

I just wanted to share my recent experience with making airline reservations. I love to get a bargain, so I was very careful to shop around and be flexible on the dates that I could fly. First, I checked with almost every online discount travel service (Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, etc.). I got a pretty good idea of what dates were the cheapest, so I narrowed it down.

Out of curiosity, I also checked with the airline with which I had decided to fly (in this case, Continental). I was shocked to find that their website was offering the tickets for the same flight and times for less than any of the discount travel sites! The price difference ranged from $5 to $20 per ticket! Since I am going to be traveling with an infant, I went ahead and called Continental directly to book the flight. After speaking with the agent, she was able to find me an even better price for the same flight! I ended up paying almost $15 less than the rate that was offered on their own website, and I still got the flights that I wanted. I was so surprised to find a cheaper flight directly through the airline that I thought that I should share it with your readers. It pays to do some research!
Kelley B.

Tool Organizer

I recently moved into a house that does not have a convenient closet for brooms, mops, etc. When I saw the price of the tool organizers ($20) and did not want to pay that much, I made my own. I took an extra garbage can that I had and an extra "milk crate" storage box (one with larger holes). I turned the milk crate on its side and inserted it into the garbage can. Voila! A perfect storage bin for my mop, broom, etc, (including my pail). Because there are two sets of holes to put the handles through, the tools stand up perfectly. Everything is together, and when needed, I can pull everything out and easily wash the garbage can out.

Rental Car Gotcha!

Here's a reminder to those that are using leased or rented vehicles. Don't forget to have the returned vehicle checked for underside damage. We lost our $500 deposit due to what the company called damage to the bottom of the vehicle. Since we had not had this area checked out when we returned the vehicle, we had no proof.
Andrea C

Tag Off

An easy and free way of removing price tags, stickers, etc. is to just use your hair dryer. Aim it at the label for several seconds and the heat of the dryer dissolves the glue on the label. The label or tag will come off easily. If it won't come off with the first try, keep the hair dryer aimed at the label a little longer and try again. This works great on picture frames and mirrors.

Adapted, Not Ignored

I am always looking for ways to save money, but as a working mom, I often can't spare the time required for most money saving tips. Instead of just "throwing away" a tip, I try to modify it so I can still save some money but not cut into my time as much.

For example, a very popular money saving tip is to bring your lunch to work instead of buying it. But it doesn't have to be all or nothing! I still buy a sandwich at work, but I bring soda, fruit and a yogurt from home.

The point of my tip is that Dollar Stretcher tips are not necessarily one-size-fits-all. A few changes to suit your situation and lifestyle may be needed.

Razor Burn

This tip is for women. You'll save a lot of money on disposable razors by keeping two razors at all times. Have one for your legs and one for your underarms. Use your "new" razor only on your legs. Never use the "new" razor for your underarms. When this razor begins to get dull, start using it for your underarms and get a new razor out for your legs. Razors last five times longer this way. Make sure you can determine which is which by either adding a permanent mark to underarm razor or keeping it in a separate place.

Not on the Sofa

We placed our cushions at an angle to the back of the sofa. Our dog couldn't climb on them and it worked for training her to stay off the furniture. She is five now and still doesn't climb on the furniture unless invited.
Anna S.



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