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Wringing Out Savings

There is a product available from many art supply companies called the "Tube Wringer." This device, intended for artists, allows you to squeeze every last drop from metal or plastic tubes. It's not only useful for saving paint, but it's also useful for using up the last bit of toothpaste, medications, cosmetics, etc. It sells for around $10. I've had mine for over ten years now, and it's still going strong. I continue to squeeze my toothpaste tube to the last dollop!
Kristie S.

Better than Bleach Pens

Instead of buying bleach pens, dip a Q-tip in bleach and apply it to the spot. It worked for me.
Violet in Irvington, AL

Tired of Small Toilet Paper Rolls

I've seen a lot of people complaining about how much smaller toilet paper rolls have become - and it's true. However, if you are willing to live without the "quilted softness" that is so lovingly advertised, one of the best placed to get TP that will last and last is a real janitorial or paper supply house -- the ones that supply property management companies.

The rolls of toilet paper that are used in commercial office building and shopping center common areas have to be long- lasting, with a high sheet count and larger than average rolls, so maintenance isn't having to go into restrooms every hour, on the hour. Cost ends up being much less if you buy by the case or two.

Natural Bee Sting Solution

Here is a healthy alternative for bee stings. Having worked with bees and having been bit several times, I knew I needed a quick solution. The next time I had 3 stings. I got some honey and put it on each bite. All pain, etc. went away immediately. I don't know if that was because it was raw honey or if regular store bought honey will work also. I would imagine regular honey would work as well.
Suzanne A.
Atlanta, GA

Lipstick Palette

I had a bunch of lipsticks that were used all the way down to the plastic base. I decided to scrape out what was left with a plastic knife and put it all in an empty mint tin.

Now I have a pallet of all my favorite shades that I can apply with a lip brush. The great thing is, I only have to carry the tin in my purse and I can mix the colors to have different shades, too.

Likes Country Vet

I live in the suburbs of a large metropolitan area. My sister lives in a rural area, just 10 minutes from my house. We recently needed veterinarian care and she suggested her rural vet. I called around and I saved $150 by using her vet over the one down the street.

Well worth the trip! Apparently he makes most of his money on livestock, not household pets.
Teresa E.

Prescription Coupon Magic

One of the best ways I've found to save money, sometimes $10 or more on prescriptions, is really easy. One drug manufacture sent me five $10 coupons to be used as cash when I got the prescription filled and refilled. I did nothing more than go to the website of the drug my doctor prescribed, saw a "Get a $10 voucher" and clicked. I typed in my name and address and was very surprised when I got the envelope, there was five vouchers, not just one!

The same goes for any prescription that I now take. I looked up two prescriptions the doctor had written for my family and was in luck both times. Both, required you to print out the page, have your doctor sign it, and take it to the pharmacy. For one of them, it was a free 14 day supply and the other was a free seven day supply!
Lynn S.
Bel Air, Md.

Baking Time Saver

When I make muffins, pancakes, bread or a cake from scratch, I put extra dry ingredients in a ziploc bag, and label the bag with a marker. Then next time I only have to add the wet ingredients, which saves a lot of time.
Ann F.

Easy-Clean Shower Curtain

My shower curtain liner was forever getting mildew on it, so I always took it down, which is a job in the first place, than I threw it into the washer, or I threw it away. Today I decided to try something, I sprayed the liner with bleach. Being careful not to get it on anything but the liner, the liner is mildew free and looks like new. Also remember to open a window for ventilation.
Shirley S.

ATM Access

A friend gave me this suggestion last year, when I inherited a little money. He has savings accounts in 2 different banks, so he always has access to cash without having to pay ATM fees.

I took his advice to open a savings account in another bank with a lot of branches and it's paid off for me. Twice this year, when I didn't have access to my main bank's ATM's, I was able get money from my secondary savings account.

Simple Stain Remover

I save money by not buying stain remover spray. Instead, I make my own using the detergent I buy. Use 1 part detergent to 4 parts water (or 1:5 if you buy a name brand concentrate) and mix in a spray bottle. I then spray my clothes with this solution in place of commercial stain remover. It works just the same!

Baby Wash

Instead of buying the pricey baby washes on the market, bathe your baby and small children with Dove soap. It is much cheaper and it is mild so you don't have to worry about rashes or dry skin. I even wash my infant's hair with it. Why pay more to bathe your baby than you need to?
Barbara P.

Free School Supplies

I was going to take my boys school supply shopping, but before doing that, we went to our local Canfield Fair. It was kids day, so they got in free. I went through a few buildings that had booths set up like a "health fair." I came out of the fair with many free pencils, pens and rulers. What a find! I was thrilled to cross pens, pencils and rulers off our list of needed school supplies. Just in time for school! I suspect that you could do the same thing at many different types of

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