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Doggone Crazy Board Game Review


Review by Alyice Edrich

Doggone Crazy is the first board game in a long time to keep my kids attention. As soon as the game arrived, they ripped open the package and sat down to play with two visiting friends. The oldest, a 14-year-old boy felt parts of the game were too easy and childish, but that didn't stop him from playing three more rounds! My 13-year-old son, 9-year-old daughter, and her 12 year-old friend laughed, giggled, screamed, and jumped up from their seats (apparently it's part of the game) as they played this game again, and again, and again. In fact, they played the game so much that I wasn't allowed to touch the game for review until the week-end was over.

Doggone Crazy is the perfect board game to help parents prepare their children to be around dogs. Whether you're visiting a friend with a dog, heading down to your local park where others walk dogs are, or are thinking about purchasing a puppy for your child, you'll want to get Doggone Crazy. This is an extremely educational game, but it was designed to help your child have fun while learning important key elements, such as when NOT to go near a dog, when to ask for the help of an adult, and when a dog appears to be safe.

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