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"Do You Like It? I Mean Really Like It?"


By Heidi Perry

Life events. They have a way of changing your whole outlook on life. You've experienced a life event if a close family member or friend has passed away, you've gone through a divorce, you've had a fire or other disaster that displaced your family for a period of time, you've experienced a serious illness or accident within your home, or you've moved your entire household. I would imagine that most of you have experienced at least one of these life events.

Why are they called life events? Purely and simply because they have a dramatic impact on our lives, our work, our families.

We recently went through a major life event this summer with the loss of one of our children. It was the most bittersweet moment of our lives. Our long, agonizing summer culminated in having to remove all life-support and letting our son slip away.

Although I would never hope to go through something like this again, it did have some truly wonderful outcomes. The lessons we learned and our desire to do good in the lives of others has become firmly cemented.

Let me tell you how this life event affected my outlook on our home-based business. I hope you will use my experience to help you re-evaluate your own business.

The day we had to let our son go was devastating, but let me tell you what was even harder... waking up and facing each day with the fact that he was not here. Each day for many weeks had been so intense, long hours at the hospital, fasting, praying. Our home office had been left abandoned for weeks and our complete focus was given to our son.

Now, the day after the funeral abruptly left us at home to face the life we had forgotten. We had to get our business back in order.

I sat in my chair, turned on my computer and stared at the monitor. It seemed foreign. At that moment, it hit me... the strangest, yet most clear thought entered my head, *Do you really like what you're doing?*

Why in the world would such a perplexing question pop into my head now? Well, I had just been through a pretty sobering life event, one that would change my entire outlook on life. I would now have to question everything in my life, and it was time to make the needed corrections, if any.

In all honesty, if there ever was a time to *get out,* that would be it. It would be a perfect break from the past to venture into new business paths. Truth was, I was about to take a terrifying leap into my reality.

As I sat and contemplated this perplexing question, a wonderful sense of worth came over me.

Yes! I love what I do.

I love what our business is all about. I love what I do for our clients and for our subscribers. I love being home with our children, all of whom I homeschool. I love having them climb all over me during a deadline, even as frustrated as I may get. I love thinking up new ideas for our business, new products, new technology, new marketing ideas. I even love the early-morning as well as late-night hours. In short, I love being a home-based entrepreneur.

There is one thing I don't love. I don't like the bookwork. Can anyone relate? I do it because I love everything else that goes with it.

After going through this little exercise in my head, a renewed commitment came into focus. I was absolutely ready to do all that was needed to make our business not only a success... no... I was completely committed to making it a raging success.

I liked our business. All I could think of then was what changes I would need to make for our business to be more successful.

Our son had actually left his mother with one of the greatest gifts one could hope for... focus. I was able to see clearly what was and what wasn't important in my life. I knew what I wanted and I was ready to go for it.

It has been that way ever since. My time is more productive and my marketing efforts are ten times more focused and effective.

Now, it's your turn.

Close your eyes. I mean do it right now. Don't wait for some better, less stressful moment. Do it now.

Imagine that you have just been through your own life event. You are now in a situation to completely start anew. You are not tied to your business. Now, here's the big question...

Do you like what you are doing?

Do you get excited about your product? Do you like the way things are going around your home office? Do you feel that what you do benefits people's lives?

Okay. Open your eyes. Stare at your monitor. Where has this exercise taken you? What did you like about what came to your mind? What would you like to change?

Either way, this gives you a starting point to build on, whether you are two months into your business or two years. Don't take this exercise lightly. It is tantamount to your happiness, and thus to your success in your business.

If you don't like what you're doing, I mean really like it, you will not be able to be successful in your business.

Once you get this clearly in your mind, you will be ready to focus on your own success.

Heidi Perry, the author of this article, is a successful entrepreneur and editor of HomeBizBytes. Sign up for her popular newsletter at

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