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Creative Nature Crafts for Kids


by Christy Camburn
© 2003 Child Care Finders

Here are some creative arts and crafts ideas to do with young children ages 2 to 8. You can find most all of the supplies right in your own backyard or around the house!


Apple & Pear Prints

Supplies: Apple & pear cut in half, paint and paper.

Directions: Use red paint to dip the apple, light green for the pear then have your child stamp prints of each on paper, cardboard, tile etc.

Leaf Bracelet or Rose Petal Bracelet

Supplies: Masking Tape and leaves or rose petals

Directions: Wrap a piece of masking tape backwards (Sticky side up) around your child's wrist, let them collect leaves or rose petals to stick to their bracelet.

Nature Collage

Supplies: Glue, paper plate or construction paper, leaves, flower petals, seeds, twigs, pebbles, sand.

Directions: Before you start this project, have your child go on a scavenger hunt for the items to use in the collage. Then have your child spread out glue over entire surface then arrange all of the nature items that they found right on top.

Macaroni Necklace

Supplies: Macaroni that is tubular in shape, hand sanitizer (or rubbing alcohol), food coloring and yarn.

Directions: At least one hour before, color the macaroni by mixing in a bowl or ziplock bag.
1 cup of macaroni to three squirts of sanitizer, add three drops of food coloring then mix.
Spread out mixture on a wax paper covered cookie sheet, let dry.
Have kids string the noodles with yarn for necklaces.

Music Shakers

Supplies: 2 toilet paper tubes, beans, seeds, pasta or rice (uncooked), paper, tape, markers and stickers (Optional).

Directions: Fill the tubes with beans/seeds/pasta/rice then wrap with any kind of paper, like you would a gift by folding up or tying the ends closed. Let the kids use their imagination and decorate with markers, crayons, stickers or paint.

Glitter Rocks

Supplies: Small smooth egg sized rocks, Elmer's glue, and glitter

Directions: Have children role rock in glue then cover completely with glitter, let dry for 30 min. to 2 hours, depending on how thick the glue is, then add a top coat of Elmer's and let dry completely.

Stick Picture Frame & Magnet

Supplies: Four straight Sticks the same size, old pizza fridge magnet, photo, glue and paper plate.

Directions: Glue photo to paper plate place sticks around picture, glue down and let dry overnight. Cut around picture and frame. Attach magnet to the back.

Flower Wreath

Supplies: 10-20 flowers (dried or fresh), card board circle or paper plate, glue and ribbon.

Directions: Cut out center in cardboard or paper plate. Place a substantial amount of glue all over your card board/paper plate, place flowers all around let dry, tie a ribbon around the top and use to hang up.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Supplies: 1 small pine cone, or you can substitute a small milk carton (cute) or juice box. You will also need peanut butter, bird seed and yarn.

Directions: Have children spoon the peanut butter onto the pine cone, then role into the bird seed. Hang with yarn or wire.

Grass Mat

Supplies: Grass, dandelions, clovers, contact paper and scissors.

Directions: Cut contact paper into two equal lengths, let children gather grass, clovers, dandelions or anything you would like. Remove the backing from one side of the contact paper, have children place there collection on the sticky side. Cover with the remaining piece of contact paper, press and cut to size.

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