What's On Your Desk?
Top 25 Clutter Culprits in the Home Office
By Amanda Formaro
According to a recent poll conducted amongst busy parents who operate their businesses out of their home, clutter is an ongoing problem in search of a solution. Between business calls and diaper changes, these parents do all they can for their families while busily earning their income that allows them to stay home. Unfortunately, something has to suffer. If it's not their family life or their thriving businesses, then who? In this case it's not a "who, but a "what". You guessed it... their desks.

Top 25 Clutter Culprits in the Home Office

# 25) tools; screwdrivers, screws
# 24) articles of clothing; socks, children's underwear, t-shirts
# 23) electronics; radios, walkmans, mini TV's, video camera
# 22) keys
# 21) aromatherapy; candles, rooms spray, essential oil
# 20) bank statements/bills; misc papers, applications, insurance
# 19) books
# 18) household cleaners
# 17) magazines/newspapers; full or clippings
# 16) music CD's
# 15) purse/wallet
# 14) receipts; ATM, grocery store, credit card
# 13) shoes
# 12) make up, hair brushes, hair accessories
# 11) photos; loose and in albums
# 10) medicine; creams, pills, ointment, sprays, sunscreen
# 9) baby items; diapers, wipes, bottles, hygeine
# 8) coins, money, loose change
# 7) camera/film
# 6) toiletries; toothpaste, soap, toothbrushes, toilet paper, kleenex
# 5) dirty dishes & utensils
# 4) food, edible or otherwise
# 3) kid's papers; school literature, artwork, coloring books, markers, crayons, stickers
# 2) toys

And the Number One (by an overwhelming margin) cause of clutter on the desk of a work at home parent is...........

GARBAGE; candy wrappers, scraps of paper, popsicle sticks, used kleenex, broken crayons, unidentifiable objects, empty bags, etc.

What's on your desk?
Do you have a solution to the clutter problem? Share with us, won't you? :-)

Amanda Formaro is the publisher of magazine

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