"Chancing the Arm!"

by Dr. Bill Nieporte

On display at the St. Patricks Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland, is an ancient door with a rough, hewn, rectangular opening hacked in the center. Here's the story:

In 1492 two Irish families (the Ormonds and Kildares) were involved in a bitter feud. Besieged by Gerald Fitzgerald (the Earl of Kildares), Sir James Butler (the Earl of the Ormonds) and his followers took refuge in St. Patricks Cathedral.

The seige wore on for several weeks and Gerald Fitzgerald concluded that the feud was foolish. The two families worshipped the same God, lived in the same community, and attended the same church--yet they were engaged in a life or death battle. Fitzgerald went to the chapel door where the Ormands were held up. He called Sir James and promised on his honor that no harm would come him.

Sir James feared treachery and refused to respond. Fitzgerald grabbed a spear and hacked a hole in the door. Then he thrust his arm through it. In a moment his arm was grasped by Sir James and the feud ended. It was from this gesture that we get the expression "Chancing (risking) ones arm."

"Chancing the arm!" Such and act involves the possibility of great peril or tragedy. "Chance the arm" and somebody might cut it off. On the other hand, if you do nothing, you will probably battle yourself into oblivion. Some things that are worth the risk.

To be successful in any of life's ventures will demand that we cultivate the ability to take some risks in our lives. I learned this 18 years ago when I attended my Senior Prom with my date--the gorgeous captain of the cheerleading squad. No, I wasn't a jock or Mr. Popularity. How did I get such a date? Quite simply I took a chance. I asked the girl out and she said YES!

I learned an important lesson. If you want something you've got to go for it. There are no guarantees your dreams will come true if you go for them. But one thing is certain! Your dreams will never come true if you don't take a chance and risk something. No matter how you slice it, SUCCESS demands RISK.

What do you want? Are you willing to take some risks to achieve your desired success?

Do you want to be a successful in Network Marketing? Then you've got to risk some rejection when you make your prospecting phone calls.

Do you want to be a successful author? The you've got to WRITE your articles and risk rejection after you SUBMIT THEM.

Want to have a successful romantic relationship with somebody special? Then you've got to risk letting down your guard and being emotionally vulnerable.

What risks are you willing to take today to make all your tomorrows more successful?

Chance the arm!

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