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Book Review by Dan Reinhold

"It's a Jungle Out There and a Zoo in Here"
by Cheryl Demas

Found your Reno? Experienced your ice-cream man relativity syndrome? What's your sausage?

Cheryl Demas makes even life working at home make sense in her latest book, "It's a Jungle Out There and a Zoo in Here" by Warner Books, available from Epitomized as "Dave Barry on estrogen", Cheryl is the most likely heir to the great Erma Bombeck as the work-at-home mom who has it all (or enough for her tastes!) without missing it all.

"Jungle" ( fingers are getting sore typing that title) is a perfectly practical how-to guide hidden within several warm, casual and very revealing conversations with a good friend. Ms. Demas has a magical talent for enfolding an important point inside an ordinary story of everyday life. Afterward, you smile, chuckle and say "Oh yeah..."

Ready for a welcome laugh?

Enjoy your coffee (or other appropriate beverage of choice) while sitting and laughing with Cheryl as she tells of her metamorphosis from confident career professional to whirlwind work-at-home mom. (Note: This stuff works for work-at-home dads, too - Signed, A Reliable Source) Well, maybe more strong breeze than whirlwind. This is not Supermom Stays Home. Working at home while raising a family can be a tough decision requiring a lot of thought, and Cheryl presents the battle it can really be with focused insight and an extra helping of grace (with no added calories).

"Jungle" displays all the funny, chaotic, challenging, stressful, touching and ultimately rewarding facets of working at home and how she's made it work as more than just business, but an integral part of her whole life.

Because if you work at home (or just think about it right now), you deserve a laugh.

Oh, Cheryl...I do dishes, too. ;)

Dan Reinhold is the father of two sons and the husband of one wife. He's also the editor of WAHumor, the newsletter for those who work at home. We're the online water cooler to share a laugh or a knowing nod.

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