By Cheryl Demas
I often hear from work-at-home moms who are unhappy with their home businesses. "I think I made a mistake and chose the wrong business. But I'm afraid that changing my business now will be an admission of failure." They tell me.

If your business isn't working for you, or if you're not happy with your choice, it's okay to try something else. Don't be afraid to change your mind.

My husband dresses up as Santa each year at Christmastime and we all go out doing what he calls spreading Christmas cheer. At one stop he went to a home and I waited in the car around the corner. Santa arriving in a green Camry would kind of spoil the whole illusion. As he walked back toward the sidewalk, another Camry, exactly like ours, drove by. Surprised to see Santa, the driver slowed down as he passed by. Mike's fluffy wig and fake glasses obscured his vision, so he assumed it was me and started running after the car. The driver stopped; after all, how often do you have Santa chasing you? As Santa approached the car and reached for the door handle, the occupants came to their senses and realized that a strange man dressed in a cheap Santa suit was trying to get into their car. So they sped up again. Santa hollered out, "Ha-ha, very funny!" and they slowed down again. "Santa's trying to tell us something," I imagined them saying.

So I watched from around the corner, this stop-and go dance of theirs, all the way down the block. Santa would almost get there and they'd speed up again. He'd holler something and they'd slow down again.

Finally I brought our car around and Mike realized that he was chasing the wrong car. They escaped and probably had a great story to tell when they got home. "We were just driving around, looking at Christmas lights, when this psycho Santa started chasing us." I had a great laugh, and I think Santa even saw the humor in it after he caught his breath.

Many successful businesspeople didn't find success with the first business they started. They didn't give up, they tried something else and kept trying until they were successful. It was okay for them to change courses and it's okay for you too. One successful businesswoman I know of tried two different sales businesses before she settled on the one that was eventually successful. With the first two, she found that her heart just wasn't in it, and she couldn't sell her products with the enthusiasm and energy she needed. Once she found the right product, she found it easier to endure the late nights and long hours she needed to work in order to succeed at her business.

It was okay for her to change courses and if you're really unhappy with the business you've chosen, it's okay for you to change your mind too.

Maybe you're just chasing the wrong car.

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