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9 Time Management Strategies to Create More Time for Yourself


Time management strategies help you do a lot more during your day and leave you with some time to yourself. If you use these strategies, you will also have enough time to relax or sleep for at least seven to eight hours every night.

1. Schedule Your Day

Scheduling your day helps you to utilize your time better. By scheduling your day, you use your time for meaningful things and don't end up wasting it. If you have a deadline to meet, prepare for it well in advance so that you only need to work on a part of your task each day. You will also have some time to spare before handing in your work.

2. Limit Watching Television

If you set a time limit to watch television, you will save time that can be utilized for something else, and since you only have limited time to watch TV, you will ensure that you only watch something you really enjoy.

3. Make Lists

Make a list of the important tasks that have to be done. This will help you focus on your priorities. The list should be realistic. You should try to complete most of the tasks that are mentioned on it so that you don't have to carry them over for the next day.

4. Group Similar Tasks

If you have to write some letters, try to complete all of them in one sitting instead of writing them out over a period of time, as the latter will be more time consuming. Try to go to a place in your neighborhood where there's scope for completing several tasks at once. A town square or a city center is a good example of such a place. You can bank, shop for groceries, pick up the dry cleaning and visit the beauty salon without having to drive around or look for parking. Complete all of them in one go in order to avoid repeated visits to the town center.

5. Take a Break

There is no point in getting fatigued just because you want to manage your time and complete all tasks at hand. In order to remain physically and mentally alert, you need to take a break and refresh yourself. A good night's sleep is also a must. Vacations and time off over the weekends can also help you relax and unwind.

6. Learn to Say No

If you feel that your good nature is often taken advantage of, learn to say no, especially if you don't want to or don't have the time to do something. This can leave you with plenty of time for yourself.

7. Focus

Instead of trying to do multiple things at once, focus on one task and complete it. If you try to do too many things all at once, chances are they won't get done in the right manner. It's best to do one thing at a time and do it well, so that you don't have to waste time going over it once again. While you are doing something, try not to get distracted by calls or mails.

8. Set Deadlines

When you start a task, set yourself a deadline so that you don't waste too much time on any particular task. By setting a deadline, you will find it easier to stay focused.

9. Time Manage Your Life

It's not enough to manage time at work. You should manage time for the complete day so that you don't waste time doing meaningless things like watching uninteresting shows on TV or surfing the net. Also manage your personal life so that you utilize the time you have in doing things that are necessary or entertaining.

Time management can leave you with sufficient time to pursue the hobbies you enjoy, and this can benefit your overall state of mind and well being.

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