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9 Safety Tips for Kids When Going on Vacation

Preparing your children for a family vacation will insure that they know what to do in an emergency, keeping your family unit on the same page and out of harms way.

If you are setting off on a family vacation, take some time to prepare for emergencies and teach safety tips for kids. Following these nine recommendations for vacation safety can prevent certain problems and help your family reunite if anyone gets separated from the group.

1. Keep Family Information Cards

For everyone in the family, prepare cards with all the information that you would leave with a babysitter. Include full names, addresses and contact numbers for your family. Also include contact information for a close relative who will not be with you on vacation, just in case finding each other is becoming difficult. Provide family members with fanny packs to secure the information.

2. Get Your Hotel Information

Most hotel cards are placed beside the beds. Grab some copies and place them in bags, strollers, kids' bags, pockets and other handy places.

3. Have a Family Photo Ready

Always bring a picture of your family on vacations. If you can, put a picture on every bag of each child.

4. Get Every Family Member a Photo ID

A family picture is good, but you should also add a photo ID of each family member. This will help in spotting the child's profile and identifying marks.

5. Have Kids Memorize Information

If your kids can remember things, have them memorize important information for emergencies, especially your contact numbers. Being familiar with your emergency numbers will allow them to participate in looking for you in case you get separated from each other. Also teach them when and how to use the 9-1-1 line.

6. Wear Same Colored Shirts

Bright colored shirts are the best to choose since these can be more easily spotted. You could have your kids create designs on their shirts to make this not only a practical but a fun part of the vacation planning.

7. Have a Plan in Case Someone Gets Lost

Work out a plan with the family about what to do if kids get separated from you or their other parent. Imagine scenarios together, training your kids to go to a security guard when possible, a uniformed employee if they are in an amusement park, a lifeguard if on the beach and so on.

8. Take Drinking Water

If you are planning to explore a place where the water may not be safe, take your own drinking water. Buy bottled water at the local supermarket if you need a lot. Water is essential in traveling, and you don't want to spoil your trip by drinking unsafe water. You should also have water with you if you are going to be spending a lot of time in the sun or getting a lot of exercise.

9. Teach Your Kids to Scream

Kidnappers may target crowded places to nab kids. Train your kids to scream and shout if they're grabbed by people they do not know.

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