8 Stress Management Exercises


Here are some stress management exercises to help get you on your way:

Exercise #1: Deep Breathing

Taking deep breaths is very beneficial to your well-being. The oxygen that you will receive will give you an immediate boost of energy and relaxation.

Exercise #2: Meditation

You can meditate almost anywhere and at almost any time; all you need to do is simply close your eyes and listen to yourself breathe. Free your mind of any worries, and focus on your breath and positive thoughts. Just a few minutes of meditation, a few times a day can be a very beneficial stress reliever. 

Exercise #3: Walk

It is important to not underestimate the power of exercise. Even a 15 minute walk is better than doing nothing at all. It is even more beneficial when done outside, as you can also get fresh air. However, in inclement weather, jogging in place or doing some jumping jacks will help you cope with stress.

Exercise #4: Listen To Music

Turn on your favorite song, turn up the volume and sing along as loud as you can. Of course, you will want to do this somewhere private, like alone in the car. Nevertheless, this can put you into a great mood and eliminate the stress that pollutes your body.

Exercise #5: Laugh

Take some time to laugh.  Whether you watch a funny movie, a comedic television show or have a good laugh with a friend, laughter is one of the best relaxation techniques.

Exercise #6: Practice Saying "No"

Make sure that you keep a close eye on your commitments.  Whenever you notice that you are getting overwhelmed, it is time to learn how to say "no."  You need to always take some time to cater to yourself, and it is important to remember that time is a very valuable asset (that you must maintain control of).

Exercise #7: Prioritize

Decide what is the most important thing that you need to get done. Once you know the importance of everything on your list, you can get to conquering your "to do" list.  As things get crossed off of your list, you will find yourself feeling a lot less stressed.

Exercise #8: Have a Healthy Snack

This will not only help you to take a few minutes away from what is going on (and thus give your mind a break), but it will also give you a fresh boost of energy. Make sure you pick a nutritious snack packed with vitamins to give you sustainable energy (like fruit, veggies or yogurt). 

Now that you know what can be done to keep your stress in check, it is up to you to take a few minutes to put these things into practice. You will be benefiting your health, as unchecked stress can damage your body both mentally and physically.

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