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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Out as an SAT Tutor


An SAT tutor business is a fairly straightforward business to start. However, there are several important mistakes to avoid when starting out that may help get your business off the ground more quickly. 

Mistake 1: Neglecting to Write A Business Plan

A business plan is the first step to define your goals as an SAT tutor. In addition, a business plan helps you detail your strategy for marketing.  

Mistake 2: Failing to Budget for Advertising

As with most businesses, and especially in the case of SAT tutoring, your biggest expense will be advertising your business. Decide how you will advertise and make at least a 6-month budget to determine the cost. You can always revise your plan and your advertising budget. 

Mistake 3: Charging Too Much or Too Little

Research the current rates for an SAT test tutor in your area. Don't price yourself too high or your customers will look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you price yourself too low, you may suffer from burnout sooner than you'd like. You may want to offer promotions to get and keep your business rolling. 

Mistake 4: Having Insufficient Study Materials

Don't skimp on study materials when you're first starting out as an SAT test tutor. Have a variety of study guides and exercise materials to use in your tutoring sessions. Use different methods with your students based on their learning styles by having ample materials to cater to their individual needs. 

Mistake 5: Being Impatient

Cultivate patience both with your students and with yourself. Not everything you say will sink in the first time you say it. Be willing to communicate multiple times in different ways in order to cultivate understanding. 

Mistake 6: Lacking Professionalism

It is essential that you convey a professional attitude when you market your business. Be clear about the methods you use to help students test well and convey these methods intelligently on your website or within your marketing materials.  

Mistake 7: Being Too Timid to Network

Because word-of-mouth is such a vital tool for a local business, go out into the community and network. Parents cannot hire you as an SAT tutor if they don't know you're available. Put up fliers, hand out business cards and talk about what you do to as many people as possible. Eventually, your service will sell itself, but in the beginning you have to sell it! 

Mistake 8: Responding Slowly

Promptly reply to every inquiry you receive about your business. There is no excuse for not answering the phone when a potential customer calls or not returning emails when a parent asks about your SAT tutoring methods. 

Offering your services as an SAT test tutor is a rewarding business that takes diligence and planning to succeed. Create a business plan and an advertising strategy that is within your budgeting means. Set the rates for your SAT tutor business competitively and offer promotions. A variety of study guides and materials will make tutoring more successful. Finally, be professional, have the courage to network in your community to promote your business and use clear, prompt communication when interacting with prospective customers.

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