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8 Internet-Based Business Ideas for New Mothers


Now more than ever, an internet based business is becoming increasingly popular, especially for new mothers who are considering alternatives to working outside of the home. While there are many work-at-home opportunities, finding legitimate Internet based work-from-home opportunities can be a challenge. The possibilities are endless, from affiliate marketing, SEO and traffic consulting, professional blogging for other companies, to selling various types of goods. Below are some Internet-based business ideas for new mothers to consider.

1. Business Consultant

Most people with a business background can easily transfer their experience to provide individualized services to people who need advice about how to start or run a business. Many types of office training and business experience can be offered as a professional consultant from home.

2. Graphic and Web Design Consultant

Many web businesses need designers and consultants. It is an ideal business for new mothers, since much of the work involves personalized creative design services done on a contract basis. There are many possibilities for growth and diversity in the field, such as working with 3D design and animation, that can lead to other lucrative careers.

3. Bookkeeping Business

Many small companies regularly outsource their bookkeeping. New mothers who have accounting experience, or who like to work with numbers, can take advantage of the business need and constantly update their financial data--this field has great overall potential.

4. Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant at home can allow new mothers to capitalize on their office skills, while giving them the flexibility and opportunity to start their own business. As services become more in-demand, it is also possible to expand and supervise other virtual assistants (for which you can charge fees).

5. Medical Transcription Specialist

These professionals may work through an agency, however, they are independent contractors and therefore will reap all of the customary benefits of home based business entrepreneurs. New mothers who have experience in the medical office field are ideal candidates. However, for those who are interested, there are many programs offered through community colleges and specialized educational facilities that can train people to do the work.

6. Gift Baskets

Creative people could enjoy providing a service for busy people who do not have the time to shop for unique gifts. Designing gift baskets can involve numerous types of items, from flowers, cheese with bread, cakes and baked goods to chocolate and holiday themes. Sports gift baskets are great for sports enthusiasts.

7. Crafts

Many people have hobbies, such as knitting and making other creative items, that can make very popular as gifts. This business, like gift baskets, are particularly popular during holiday seasons, and since gift giving occurs year-round, it can become a profitable business.

8. Homemade Baked Goods

Many new mothers have developed great recipes for baked goods and could offer them through an online website.

Here is some other worthwhile advice, including reminders when considering the various work-at-home internet business opportunities available for new mothers.

The above business ideas can provide an alternative to leaving home to work at an outside office. In addition, the tax benefits for running a home based business can amount to a more lucrative financial situation than being employed by a company.

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