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7 Work-at-Home Options in Healthcare

As technology advances, so does the healthcare industry. There is now a wide array of work-at-home options for those looking to work in healthcare!

There are certain jobs that do not offer a work-at-home option. In healthcare, you have to physically be at the hospital, assessing your patient, hanging IV bags, and talking with families. Right? Not necessarily. As technology advances, so does the healthcare industry. There is now a wide array of work-at-home options, which is helpful as so many of us are moms first, nurses second. Here is a (by-no-means exhaustive) list of work-at-home options for those in healthcare.

Health Coach

Health coach training programs are popping up everywhere, but nurses have been filling this need for decades. Many insurance companies and businesses are hiring remote nurses to work with their clients on a variety of issues, from controlling diabetes to training for a marathon. If you enjoy establishing a long-term relationship with your patients, this could be a great fit.

Triage Nurse

It's midnight and your daughter's rash looks worse. Does she need to see someone tonight? So many people find themselves in situations like this and turn to their insurance or nursing hotline. As a triage nurse, you will be given specific protocols to help guide clients, as well as know when to send them to their physician. This is an excellent option for nurses with experience in Emergency Department, Urgent Care or Primary Care.

Insurance Reviewer

Are you passionate about making healthcare affordable and sustainable? If you are interested in the administrative side of health care, insurance reviewer could be your next step. In this role you will work from home reviewing insurance claims and treatment. While this role usually does not involve patient contact, you will still have the opportunity to collaborate with providers.

Online Instructor

As the number of online nursing programs grows, so does the need for online nursing instructors. If you have an advanced degree (Masters or PhD) and enjoy mentoring, consider teaching from home. Not sure teaching is right for you? Some schools also employ online advisors for their nursing students. This would include checking-in with students by phone and email throughout the semester to assist with class schedules and career planning.

Health Writer

Nurses are educators at heart, and writing can be the perfect avenue to share your knowledge. There is a need for nurse writers in every aspect of health writing, from research articles to educational handouts and continuing education.


If you enjoy writing and crave more creativity, a blog is a beautiful outlet. Blogging will not immediately match your previous salary, but it will grow with time and serve as a writing sample. You could blog about healthcare in general, health food, fitness -- any topic you are passionate about.

Network Marketing

Every year nurses are ranked as the most trusted profession, beating out even clergy! The public trusts what you think, so if you have a product that you genuinely love and are excited about, network marketing could be the right fit. Once you find a company you love, start brainstorming ways to share their products in a way that feels natural to you. I run a healthy food blog and sell food products to my readers. If you are excited about the product, people will feel it.

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