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7 Tips to Improve Family Communication


Family Communication plays a significant part in building and nurturing a family. Good communication among husband and wife and between parents and children, as well as between siblings fosters a harmonious and loving family relationship. Improving family communication cultivates love, trust and respect and more importantly, it helps the family cope up with life's ups and downs and all its twists and turns.

Here are some tips to improve family communication.

1. Learn to Listen

Learning to listen is essential in understanding your loved one. Take a moment to stop what you're doing and listen not just hear. Turn off the TV or radio, put off the book you're reading, listen to what your child or your spouse has to say and try to understand the feelings they are conveying.

2. Think First

Family communication goes beyond mere exchange of words. It is important to think first before saying something. You should carefully ponder the words you have to say. If you are angry, upset or need to convey emotions that may stimulate conflict or stir up negative emotions, be sure to use "I" phrases. Express your feelings by stating how you feel instead of using language that points the finger at someone else. This will help disarm the situation. Once you have expressed your feelings, give the person listening to you the chance to respond. Request that this person use "I" statements too; it will promote and maintain peaceful co-existence in your home.

3. Take Interest

Oftentimes, in communicating with our loved ones, we tend to take interest only in what we have to say. This should be avoided; we should always take a genuine interest in what the other has to say. Parents who take interest with what their child or their spouse has to say cultivate healthier family relationships. Giving your undivided attention to your loved one even for a short period of time is much better than spending longer times together while distracted and not fully present.

4. Look After Your Tone

It is equally important to look after your tone. It has been said that one should tame the tongue to avoid uttering hurtful or sinister words. In the same way kind words; and sweet and thoughtful tones are always heartfelt and can uplift the soul. Correspondingly, pay attention not only with what you say, but how you say and express yourself to your family.

5. Be Trustworthy and Maintain Confidence

Trust will always be an essential ingredient in every relationship. Accordingly, it also plays an important part in family communication. Trust your family and inspire trust from your family. Keep your promises; always be true to them. Maintain confidences, this encourages trust and commitment between you and your family.

6. Always Find and Make Quality Time for Your Family

It is necessary for every family to find and make quality family time. Family time is the perfect venue to have fun together and can involve any number of activities from playing scrabble, Uno, board games or a game of cards. It can also be used to watch family movies together. Such light hearted moments help the family to enjoy each other's company and can pave the way to easy communication and sharing of jokes, to exchanging funny events of the day. Quality family time is indeed a key to good communication and in maintaining love and peaceful coexistence in the family.

Discuss Issues and Problems which Must be Discussed

Being open to discuss issues and problems is another key to improving family communication. Issues must be discussed in a manner that is beneficial to the family. It is not advisable to use the discussion to blame each other; rather a healthy exchange of views and problem solving will help the family bond.

Family communication indeed plays a very important role in nurturing your family. Allow your family to share their thoughts, feelings, ideas and emotions. Encourage each other to communicate freely with love, care, trust and respect. For this will improve not just family communications but also family relations.

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