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7 Tips for Starting Out as an MCAT Tutor


If you decided after finishing medical school that you'd rather stay at home with the kids than become a doctor, consider starting an mcat tutor business. It is a relatively simple business to start; it doesn't require much capital and you can work from home, online or at the local library. 

1. Gather Materials

To be a successful private tutor, you need to have up-to-date study materials for the mcat exam. Besides advertising, this will be the biggest investment in your business. However, mcat study materials can often be purchased used or at a discount, so shop around before you buy. 

2. Take A Refresher

Depending on how long it has been since you took the mcat exam, you will want to brush up on the test yourself. Open the study books you purchased for your future students, and become an expert on the material covered by the exam. Then, come up with a plan to help your students study that differentiates you from the other private tutors out there. 

3. Advertise at Colleges

It is definitely a plus for your private tutor business if you live in a city or town with a college, or several colleges, in it. Spend some time crafting an appealing flyer and then take it to the local colleges and universities and find out where you can post it. Also, post your flyer at other places where college students are likely to hang out like coffee shops and libraries. 

4. Attend Career Day

There are certainly opportunities for you to set up a table at college career days or similar functions at local colleges. Find out when the next event is and bring business cards, flyers and your cheerful disposition. Offer a promotion of some kind, like a discount or a free session, for signing up that day. 

5. Advertise Online

As an mcat tutor, you don't have to stay local. Though it will take a bit more preparation to tutor over the internet, you can create your own seminar or study course, and then provide live tutoring sessions to your students via email or telephone. Use craigslist or local classified ads to promote your private tutor business. Also, create a website, a blog and join social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

6. Attend College Forums

Visit mcat and college forums to make connections. You can't advertise outright on a forum, but if you offer useful information to enough people, they may seek out your services. 

7. Use Video Advertising

If you have the courage to be in front of a camera, create a short video to post on Youtube. Use the video to not only outline what your seminar offers, but to show your students what you look like. People like to have a face to put to a name, so to speak, and the professionalism of a video can help sell the online version of your tutoring service. 

An mcat tutoring business can be a viable way to work from home. Use the tips above to start your business. As your business grows, employ testimonials from your students to generate more business.

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