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7 Tips for a Better Caesarian Section Recovery


Many women find caesarian section recovery hard and troublesome. After all, recovering after giving birth really takes time; much more when the mother has gone through a C-section. Gathering information and understanding of your body will assist in faster healing and recovery. Below are some tips to help you recover more quickly from a C-section.

Tip #1 - Take Your Medicine

Doctors will prescribe you at least one strong painkiller after the surgical procedure is performed; do not forget to take it and do not wait until the medication wears off completely. You do not want the pain in your abdomen to impede your recovery, slow you down or interfere with your ability to hold and care for your newborn.

Tip #2 - Do Not Lift Heavy Objects

As much as possible; do not lift anything that is heavier than the weight of your baby. Give the muscles in your stomach a time to heal for as long as six weeks. Roll on your side before getting up from a reclined position will strain your abdomen less. In line with this, a mother who's gone through a C-section must not do any household chores. You should only be concerned with the care of your baby and you. Leave the housework to your partner or any other willing and able body (even if you must pay for this help).

Tip #3 - Hug Pillows

In order to lessen the pain or discomfort you may feel while coughing, laughing, yawning, or even when having a bowel movement, hug a soft pillow as this will help make the muscle motions tolerable. Sleeping with your pillow beside you will also prevent rolling over on your incision.

Tip #4 - Do not Stay in Bed

As in other surgeries; C-sections may result in blood clots. To avoid this, take a short walk once in a while. This does not just prevent your blood from clotting; it does strengthen your muscles and improves circulation. Remember not to strain yourself too much though.

Tip #5 - Eat Nutritious Food and Plenty of Water

A faster recovery from caesarian section requires one to be more cautious with their diet. Make sure that the meals you take in are nutritious and drink as much water every day. Taking plenty of fluid will also help in preventing constipation; something that will add to the stress of your abdominal muscles.

Tip #6 - Check Your Incision

It will not be bad to monitor your incision every now and then. If looking down may seem hard for you, get a mirror or ask help from your partner. It is also important to keep the area dry by placing a maxi pad over it. This will help draw the moisture away while preventing the elastic of the underwear from rubbing against the incision. Try to clean the incision too by gently wiping it with a soft cloth. Be sure to follow any incision care instructions that have been provided by your physician.

Tip #7 - Take a Nap

Many studies reveal that the body recovers faster while asleep. Although it is advised to move periodically, rest is what most mothers having a C-section need.

Recovering from a caesarian section requires a lot of patience and time; but with your new baby as your inspiration, recovery may be made easier.

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