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7 Things You Can Do to Sleep Better


With busy lifestyles and the high levels of stress that many people face on a daily basis, the need to sleep better has become a major concern. This problem has been getting increased attention since experts now believe that a person needs to have at least 7 hours of sleep to stay active and fit.

 So what can you do when getting a good sleep seems impossible? Below are some tips to help you.

 1. Avoid Putting the Television inside the Bedroom

When people enter their bedrooms, it is expected that they take time to relax; release themselves from stress; and most of all, sleep. The television is meant for entertainment; not to putting someone to sleep. Many research studies show that most of those who experience sleep disturbance are those with TV sets in their bedrooms. An easy solution is to leave your television in your living room.

2. Change Mattress or Pillows

Are your pillows too soft or too hard for comfort? Is the mattress and sheets too rough on the skin? These may seem trivial but most people need a certain type of pillow and mattress that help them sleep easily. Identifying what kind of beddings help you to feel better and be more comfortable is essential for a good sleep.

3. Do Away with Caffeine in the Late Afternoon

Caffeine, even in small amounts, can cause a sleep disturbance. It impedes a restful and prolonged sleep because the compound is stimulates the nervous system. Doing away with coffee, tea, and even soda and chocolate in the late afternoon will aid in addressing sleep problems.

4. Listen to Mellow Music

Slow music help establish a relaxing and peaceful surrounding; it gradually eases the tension in one's body and clears the mind (two of the main ingredients for a peaceful sleep). It may be useful to invest in instrumental CDs and mellow music. Some people enjoy listening to the repetitive sounds of nature. There are many CD selections that can lull you to sleep including: crashing ocean waves, tropical bird noises, babbling brooks and so forth.

5. Create a Bedtime Ritual

The body, like a machine needs to be slowly cooled down. Sleep does not come right away to those who came from physical and stressful activities. A routine like a warm bath, simple stretches, or a short meditation before bedtime will help slow the body and induce sleep.

6. Drink Warm Milk

It is scientifically proven that a glass of milk at night does improve one's sleep. Trytophan, a substance released when milk is heated will relax the body and cause drowsiness. Of course, the milk needs to be warm when drank.

7. Eat a Little

Sleeping when full is not healthy and possibly dangerous; however, turning in to bed with an empty stomach will keep you awake all night. Thus, munching on a cracker or a cookie before bedtime may help satisfy you enough to enable undisturbed rest.

Most people have a lot of things to do and worry about each day; getting the correct amount of sleep enables healthy daily functioning. Thus, sleep problems must be taken seriously. The seven tips may just be your ticket to dreamland (and more energetic days).

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