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7 Strategies to Build Trust with Your Child


Love does not come easy and its main foundations are trust and security. If these two exist in a parent-child relationship, it will be easier to deal with more difficult situations. Trust, safety and love are interlinked and nurturing these three things is essential to a happy family life and a happy childhood for your children. Here are 7 strategies to build trust with your child.

Strategy #1 - Practice what You Preach

Building trust with your child is similar to leadership. If the leader does the right thing, the people he or she is leading will follow. If you tell your child to eat vegetables and you do not eat them yourself, then you are sending the wrong message. Build the bond between you and your child by practicing what you preach.

Strategy #2 - Learn to Listen

Most adults do not develop good listening skills when talking to their own kids. This is wrong. You should always listen to what your child has to say for you to gain his trust. Do not use judgemental statements or come to the discussion with your own agenda. By knowing that you are listening, your child will feel more comfortable talking to you more openly about his life.

Strategy #3 - Telling the Truth

Telling your child the truth from the very beginning will result in a strong bond and of course, trust, comes along with it. As much as possible, deal with your child or children on an honest level; for example, if he or she asks if an injection from the doctor will hurt -tell the truth in the most age-appropriate way.

Strategy #4 - Promises should Not be Broken

Do not make promises to your children if you cannot keep them. This can be quite a challenge as situations may change. However, try and make an effort as breaking promises could be devastating to your relationship with your child. If you say you are going to watch a soccer game in the weekend, make sure you will do just that because if you don't, the next time you promise something, they will doubt if you are really serious about it. If it seems that you might not be able to keep your promise, tell your child in advance and explain why.

Strategy #5 - Threats

If your child did something wrong and you threaten him that he won't have TV for a week -make sure you can implement what you say. This is not a case of martial law; it is just a case of sticking to your word. Amazingly, this builds trust with your child.

Strategy #6 - Appreciation of Honesty

Make it clear to your children that you appreciate it when they are honest. This will build a very trusting relationship between you and your child. Aside from that, you will be helping your child in becoming a person of integrity. As the saying goes -say what you mean and mean what you say.

Strategy #7 - Consistency

If you are spouting house rules be sure that you implement them. Make your children understand your expectations as well. It should be as clear as day. Make sure that you do not constantly change the rules so that your children will have no doubts about you at all.

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