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7 Jobs You Can (Surprisingly) Do from Home

With the cost of office spaces and the increase of everything from education to workout tracking going virtual, the availability of work-at-home jobs is expanding. We list seven positions that might be right up your alley including grant writer, tax accountant, and fitness coach.
An online teacher working on a computer.

The world has gone virtual, so why shouldn't all the jobs? Proofreaders, telemarketers and transcriptionists aren't the only ones who can work from home. There are plenty of well-paying (even high-paying) respectable jobs that can be done from home. Here are just a few of them.

1. Grant Writer

Many government foundations and trusts rely on grant writers to complete applications for funding opportunities. Whether you are a freelancer for multiple clients or a grant writer for one organization, you will be able to work from your home office preparing grant proposals and applications. As with any work-at-home job, whether it be through email, phone, or Skype, communication is the key.

2. Human Resource/Recruiting Coordinator

Work-at-home jobs are increasing, so the people who are responsible for hiring those remote positions should also be able to work from home. Human resources personnel are able to manage job postings, weed out bad applicants, interview good applicants, process final employment paperwork, train staff members and even attend recruiting events while working from their home office.

3. Fitness Coach/Trainer

Many people don’t have time to hit the gym anymore and are tracking their calories and at-home workouts online. So why not become an online fitness coach to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals? Again, all from the comfort of your own home! Coaching sessions can be emailed and online tracking tools can be set up to include food and exercise logging. Although not required, two years of in-person fitness training is recommended before becoming an online fitness coach.

4. Attorney

Large national firms, law firm staffing companies and lawyer-on-call firms have begun using virtual attorneys. With large firms, this certainly helps cut down on increased revenue and overhead costs. Counsel can be provided from a home office, while still able to communicate with colleagues via email and phone.

5. Tax Accountant

Everyone needs a tax accountant from companies to individuals. Completing tax paperwork, assisting with audits, and offering tax advice can easily be done remotely. Some organizations may also need assistance from a tax accountant with payroll, bookkeeping and financial reporting.

6. Project Manager

What used to be considered a face-to-face position with long hours is now easily accomplished from home thanks to the technology available today. Daily communication with clients and coworkers is crucial for communicating with all involved parties and to keep the project on task. Whether it’s to manage project activities, handle budgets, assemble management teams, create and execute business plans or build client relationships, large companies and consulting firms are the best place to look for project management positions.

7. K-12 Teachers

You read that right -- teachers are going virtual! Many educational organizations, academies, and charter schools have begun hiring licensed and certified teachers to run online courses and tutorials. They are able to monitor and evaluate the student’s progress and collaborate with the student’s other virtual teachers to ensure the success of the student, all from the comfort of their own home.

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