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6 Ways to Market Your Virtual Assistant Business

Just like any business, virtual assistants must market regularly to get clients. These tips, from joining professional associations to starting an email list, can help fill your client roster in no time.

You’ve finally decided to start a virtual assistant business and it’s time to get the word out. You know the services you will offer, who your client base is, and just how many clients you need to be successful. All systems are in place and ready to go. All you need to do now is get the word out.

Fortunately, marketing your VA business is simple if you do something every day that is focused on marketing. If your client roster is not yet full, it’s imperative that you keep working until it is, and even then you need to devote some time each day to marketing. Here are seven ways to market your virtual assistant business that really work.

1. Create a Professional Website and Blog

Your first step for marketing your virtual assistant business is to set up a professional website with a blog (more on this in a minute). Do not use a free website for your online business presence. You want to put your best foot forward. It doesn’t cost much to purchase a domain name, buy hosting, and set up a self-hosted WordPress website. If you don’t know how to do it, there are plenty of contractors to hire. If you are not willing to spend money on making your business look professional, should anyone want to spend money with you?

2. Set Up Professional Social Media Accounts

Once you have your website and blog created, it’s time to open up social media accounts for your business. The very best one to use for business is LinkedIn. This is a buttoned-up, business oriented social media network. Use a professional head shot and make a complete, honest profile. Once this template is complete, you can use it for your other social media websites. You want people to look at your profile and understand what it is that you do, who you do it for, and how to find you. Keep a consistent profile throughout all social media accounts. This is how you will build your brand.

3. Start an Email List

Use the blog on your website to speak directly to your target audience, which consists of potential clients. To bring people to your website, use various means such as search engine optimization, blogging, guest blogging, and networking. But you need to capture their information to build a relationship of trust with them so they want to work with you. An email list can help you accomplish that.

4. Join Professional Associations

There are plenty of national, virtual, and local associations you can join as a virtual assistant. Joining professional groups like your local chamber of commerce or other business networking groups will help connect you to people who can help you find clients. Some online associations allow business owners to submit requests for proposals (RFPs) which you can answer to find clients.

5. Participate in Mastermind Groups

A mastermind group is a group of entrepreneurs who may not all be doing the same thing, but who want to help each other prosper in their business. Often a mastermind group might be called an “inner circle,” but they usually offer private forums, coaching opportunities, networking events and other benefits to help you find more clients. There are both local and virtual mastermind groups you can join.

6. Send Direct Mail Locally

Often a new VA will forget their local market. There are likely small business owners in your area who need your services but who don’t even know such a thing as a VA exists. When you see an advertisement in the paper for part-time help you can perform in your niche, treat it as an RFP and send mail about your business directly.

The important thing is that you leave no stone unturned when filling your client roster. If you slate 30 hours a week to work for clients, but have zero clients, then you should be working on marketing 30 hours a week. If you do that, you’ll eventually have a full roster.

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