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6 Tips for Keeping Your Work and Family Life Separate


Work-at-home moms who juggle a job and a family have to know how to handle both work and family life. Achieving a "work/life" balance can be challenging. Some common tips can help anyone working from home to get a better balance when combining a professional life with life inside the home, and 6 of these tips are:

1. Keep Regular Hours

For some work-at-home moms, getting to set their own hours is a major perk. However, that same freedom can turn into a burden if it is confusing to family members or helps to blur the boundaries between work and home life. Maintain "start and stop" times for work to keep everything on an even keel.

2. Have an Isolated Office

Even if a WAHM's office is at home, it can still be a separate part of her life. Having a "closed door policy" can help a work-at-home mom tremendously by keeping intrusions out of her professional time and work production schedule.

3. Build a Partnership

For some work-at-home moms and other self-employed individuals, the key is to partner up with another person in the same field to form a collaborative business venture. One of the positive side effects of a partnership is that it automatically builds responsibility, accountability and definition into the work life of a self-employed person. It's also a good example of the old adage that "two heads are better than one."

4. Train Your Kids (and Your Husband!)

No matter what kind of family situation a work-at-home mom is dealing with, when it comes to setting boundaries between work and home life, absolutely everybody needs to get the memo. It can be hard to be firm without being seen as aggressive, and like everything else in families, it can require compromise, but in the end, more work toward educating the family on the finer points of a work/life balance should ultimately pay off big.

5. Leave Work at Work

This truism is just as true for self-employed work-at-home individuals as it is for those who draw a paycheck toiling in far-off places. When it comes to your personal family life, it's simply better not to let work encroach on your time and attention. Nobody wants to have their loved ones around, when a ringing cell or other business call constantly interrupts quality time. Keep this in mind and profit from reasonable work/life separation that will help keep everybody happy.

6. Keep Files and Finances Separate 

If there is another little item that can definitely sink a work/life balance, it's having work files and materials strewn all over the house, or having automatic business deductions coming out of a family bank account. Keeping work and life materials physically separated will help make your home a more organized place. Keeping the finances separate will keep your enterprises from devastating a family budget, and it also helps when it comes time to tally up business gain or loss tax deductions.

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