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6 Strategies to Stay Calm when Overwhelmed with Kids and Work


As a WAHM, you know that it is important to stay calm with both your kids and work. Getting stressed out is common for a WAHM, but it can also cause other issues to arise, and it would be better for you, both now and in the long run, to learn to stay calm through overwhelming times.

Strategy #1: Know Your Stress Signs

When becoming stressed, notice how you are feeling and take note. In the future when you feel yourself getting stressed, you will know that you need to take action soon to prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed by stress.

If you are feeling a little stressed, take a few deep breaths or count to ten slowly before continuing in your work. Listening to comforting music can also have a positive effect on your nerves and mind. If this doesn't work, you will need to try something different.

Strategy #2: Take a Break

Schedule short breaks through the day where you will be able to get other things accomplished, read a short story or play with your kids. Short breaks will put your work on hold for a while, and help you to not become overwhelmed.

If you are working on something that is overwhelming you, it may be beneficial for you to leave that work for five minutes and come back to it refreshed.

Strategy #3: Have a Date Night

Whether you want to go on a date or take a hot bath by yourself, make sure you have one night a week where you can take a break from your kids and from your work. Though your work and your kids are important, you will be better at handling the stress if you have a little relaxation.

Strategy #4: Work During Naptime

If you have to make a business call or complete a task that needs your undivided attention, schedule doing those things during your children's nap times. Utilize that time to get as much work done as you can complete; this will make it easier for you to balance raising your kids and working the rest of the day.

Strategy #5: Exercise

Whether you are going for a walk or doing yoga, exercising will release endorphins into your mind, which will calm your nerves and take away your stress. Spend some time every day exercising, by taking your kids on a walk or even playing outside.

Strategy #6: Hire Part Time Help

If all else fails, you may want to consider part time help. Hire someone to come over a couple hours a day and help with your kids. You will still be involved in their lives, but you will also get your work done. Even if it is only for a couple hours, the benefit of having outside help could brighten your workday.

It can be difficult at times to not become overwhelmed, but with a little time management, you can make your day go by a lot easier.

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