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6 Part-Time Income Opportunities for Writers


One of the best ways to earn part time income as a writer is to get freelance jobs. There are various services on the web that match writers with companies. Several companies need someone to write for them. Here are six freelance job opportunities for writers:

1. Part Time Editing

If you have excellent grammar and writing skills, you can land a job as a freelance copy editor. Various websites that list freelance jobs have a special section just for editing. Some employers want you to bid on a project, and others offer their own rates. Use resources like Writers' Market to research what is a fair rate to charge and iFreelance to find jobs.

2. Write Newsletters

Even in the age of social media, organizations and entrepreneurs alike still publish newsletters. Many offer a monthly or quarterly newsletter to subscribers. These are usually outsourced to someone. Corporate clients such as accounting firms, mortgage companies, utilities, and others are a good place to look for work. If they like your work, this could be an on-going source of income.

3. Write Ebooks

You can write ebooks for webpreneurs and internet marketers. Check Craigslist frequently under "writing and editing" across the country, or use a service like Elance. There are frequently requests for writers to write ebooks. All kinds of ebooks are needed, from short ones that are 5 pages, to longer ebooks that are 100 pages. Once you have a few under your belt, you might decide to specialize in this. You may also decide to write and market your own ebook to generate part time income.

4. Write Travel Articles for Your Area

This can be a lucrative area. Travel magazines are always looking for freelancers to write articles, and travel agencies are a good source to look at.  If you live in a scenic or historic area, you're likely to know more about it than an outside freelancer who's passing through. You can capitalize on your knowledge about those out-of-the-way places (or even the tourist traps) by writing about them. Photography skills (or networking with someone who has them) are a big plus for these types of articles.

5. Web Content

Someone writes the content on the websites you frequent. Web owners need someone to write and rewrite web pages. Start-up companies often hire freelance writers to provide content to get their company launched. These require a little bit of research, but companies usually will have upwards of a dozen or more articles/pages on products and services that they need written. They are willing to pay you per page, or a flat rate, for the entire web site. 

6. Article Writing for Marketing

People who need to market their website often use free and low cost methods, such as article marketing. You can land a freelance job writing articles and even get your name attached. This is a great way to build your resume to help you get future writing jobs. You can also stand out from your competitors if you offer to submit them to various article directories.

Writing for part time income can be very competitive.  Be sure to apply for many jobs everyday, and work to build your resume over time.


Daphne Mallory, Esq. is the co-owner of Mallory Writing Services and has written more than 100 articles helping home based business owners and entrepreneurs start and market their business. You can learn more about her here.

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